How much does Ticketbud cost?

If your event is free, Ticketbud will always be free.

Ticketbud charges your attendees 99¢ per ticket and 2% of the ticket value.

Additionally, the credit card processing companies will generally charge 30¢ plus 2.9% per order. When using our credit card processing, we will cover the 30¢ credit card processing charge for you.

You can choose to hide these fees from your attendees when adding tickets to your event.

What about monthly charges, setup fees, or add-ons?

Ticketbud doesn’t charge any monthly or one-time fees. We only charge attendees for the tickets they pay for.

How much is the fee for a $100 ticket?

Say your attendee buys 2 tickets at $100 each.

$200 Cost of tickets
$1.98 2 × 99¢
$4.00 $200 × 2% Ticketbud fee
30¢ Credit card fee
$5.80 $200 × 2.9% credit card fee
$211.78 You receive $200

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