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Glad you asked! Generally, this number is “how many people can I let into my party before the Fire Marshall yells at me?”

For example, say my venue supports up to 500 people. These might be split up amongst VIP, Adult, Children, and Senior tickets. I don’t particularly care how many of each type I sell, as long as I don’t sell more than 500 overall. So I'd enter 500 into the total capacity box.

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Our RSVP events make Ticketbud even easier for you and your attendees to use! Since you’re not selling tickets, your guests can RSVP with just one click.

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Why would I want to lock my ticket?

Locked tickets are only available to customers who have a secret access code.

Say you have your list of sponsors, and you want to offer them VIP tickets. You could create a ticket called "VIP", lock it, create an access code, and email your sponsors the access code.

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Anyone will be able to register for your event, but we won't list your event in our search listings or on Google.

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