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Wannabe Balanced Event

Movara Fitness Resort

290 S Fitness Way, St. George (Ivins), UT 84738, USA

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Event Description

It's an exclusive dinner party created for women supporting women. It will be a day of inspiration, empowerment and support! With delicious food and amazing speakers (To be announced)... Saturday April 8th in St. George Utah, 4:00pm to 10:00pm at the beautiful Movara Fitness Resort and Spa. Dinner will also be provided by Movara.

Swag bags sponsored by, Kortni Jean, Freshly Picked, Jujube, Wight Gold, Cariloha, Caseapp, Sweet Leaf Stevia, Cariloha, Rad Swim, Little Poppy Co, Ella and Anne, Form Spa, and Modern Vintage Boutique. I plan to have lots more but this is what I have so far. Swoon Vintage Rental Company will provide amazing decor and photo back drops for us. She has the CUTEST stuff! Amber Green plans to capture and create a beautiful video and the amazing Paige Hurst will be our photographer.

Often times we lose confidence or enthusiasm when trying to pursue different endeavors. We get discouraged by over saturated markets. It’s not often that we hear of something completely new and innovative. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find a unique way of doing whats already been done. I believe we are all bloggers in a way. Social media is something almost EVERYONE uses. We use it to teach, share, inspire, and support. Even though often times the message is something we’ve most likely heard before. The difference is it’s never been said by YOU. Combined with your personality, experience and background. There are a million different ways to say the same thing, what makes it unique is YOU! Different messages resonate with different audiences in different ways. 

The Wannabe Balanced Event is about discovering your unique gifts and life mission. Then having the courage and clarity to play it out. As most of us are moms, the trick is finding a healthy balance between pursuing your dreams and being the kind of mother you want to be. Becoming a better you and setting an example for your children to dream big and work hard.

My purpose and mission has become something bigger than myself and my own messages. It’s evolved into women empowerment. I want to help women overcome the feelings we sometimes get when we look at each other. What if she’s prettier than me, what if she’s a better mother than me? More successful, more patient, more kind, more fun… Often times we feel these feelings without realizing it. None of us want to admit we are jealous of each other or feel resentment. We need to learn to let go of these comparisons and know that there is more than enough to go around. We all have our own special gifts and we can become something even more amazing by utilizing each others gifts and lifting one another. Genuinely loving and supporting one another will only propel us to greater heights. If we withhold our gifts and support, we are depriving those who may need us the most.

Check out the video from the last event

"My life has changed since meeting Crystal Escobar. She has helped grow my little corner of the internet and for that I am forever grateful."
~Kallie Cooper

"It's hard not to feel inspired when you're surrounded by such motivating and kind hearted women. My friend Crystal Escobar hosted a gorgeous event last night and helped us all realize our potential. We have a voice and a story to tell. We can help uplift one another and bring each other purpose and genuine love. Many of us women share similar experiences in life and through sharing our experiences we help those around us feel less alone in our struggles."
~Allie Kowallis

"Went to the most amazing event hosted by my dear friend Crystal Escobar. Loved meeting so many like minded women who love supporting each other. Can't wait for the next Wannabe Balanced Event."
~Brittany Jones

"I was excited to attend the Wannabe Balanced Conference. This conference is really for any women. It is the perfect place to bring women together and build an amazing support system. I love the focus, that we all have a message to share and we are here to help each other share it."
Jinii Boren

"Meeting new girlfriends is one of my favorite things. Especially those boss babes who inspire you! Big thanks to Crystal Escobar for last night. I think we'd all agree your first Wannabe Balanced Event was a huge success! Thanks for reminding all of us to keep sharing our stories, and to always support and uplift other women!"
~Deena Marie

"It's refreshing spending time with like minded women. Thank you for hosing such a wonderful event Crystal."
~Melissa Hendershot

"Such a great event hosted by Crystal Escobar. It's great to get together and support one another! I'm so excited for more Wannabe Balanced Events in 2017!!! I'm so inspired by hearing people's stories, challenges, and successes!!! It was inspiring and fun, the best combo!"
~Melisa Osmond

"I've got a thing for genuine people and Crystal is the true definition of genuine. She created this amazing Wannabe Balanced Event to encourage women to discover and share their special gifts to fulfull their purpose."

"This event hosted by Crystal Escobar couldn't have been timed more perfectly for this new year. I can't wait to share my 2017 mantra."
~Ali Lewis

"I had the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing women tonight! Thank you Crystal for being the best host."
~Lindsey Hurst

Map of Event Location
Saturday, April 8th, 2017 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm