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2017 FOMS Concert 8: Ensemble Goldentree

ST George's Anglican Church Flemington

55 Lucknow St, Travancore VIC 3032, Australia

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Event Description

Concerts at St. George's proudly presents the 2017 Friends of Music Concert Series, showcasing top Melbourne emerging musicians! 

Concert #8 is presented by the very eclectic and unique Ensemble Goldentree, with Tim Hannah (Horn), Alison McIntosh (Soprano) and Louis Nicoll (Piano). 


TREWARTHA, Louisa            Memories for a Stranger         (2016)

1.    The Memories

2.    Haunting Song

3.    Pet Rock and Elephant

4.    Present

5.    Our Love


GILLIE, Gina                           To The Seasons                     (2009)

1.    To Summer

2.    To Autumn

3.    To Winter

4.    To Spring


About the 2017 FOMS 

Concerts at St. George's proudly presents the 2017 FOMS, showcasing top Melbourne emerging musicians! 

Concerts at St. George's is voluntarily managed by a team of musicians with the vision to establish St. George’s Anglican Church in Travancore as a new music performance venue in Melbourne’s inner northwest. Aligned with this vision is the annual Friends of Music Series (FOMS), showcasing top Melbourne emerging musicians.   

Your support for the local arts scene will be tremendously appreciated, with all proceeds from the 2017 FOMS concerts directly contributing to further enhancing the performance space at St. George's. The proceeds will also speak volumes for continuing the fundraising spirit for the Moonee Valley City community, and for continuing the vision for quality, affordable concert-going experiences for the local communities. 

Stay tuned for more updates at!

The 2017 FOMS is proudly sponsored by GH Music.
Map of Event Location
Sunday, May 28th, 2017 2:00 pm –  3:00 pm