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NYM Family Fun Day

Wednesday, May 01, 2024

09:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Pointe Jerome Youth Training Centre

Pointe jerome Youth Training Centre, Mahebourg, Coastal Road, Mahebourg, Mauritius

You are invited to the annual Family Fun Day organized by the National Youth Ministry of the Full Gospel Church of God. This year again, we are meeting at the Pointe Jerome Youth Training Center. Activities include Children's Corner, Food Corner, Fun Games, Rowing Boat, LVD members' business expo, All-day Praise and Worship, Elders' Corner, and much more. See you all there! Be blessed!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 1. What is the agenda of the Family Fun Day (event)?


Welcoming & Speech & Briefing (09h 30 – 10h 00)              

Refreshment/ Lunch time (12h 00 – 13h 00)

Full day activities (10h 00 – 16h 00)

● Children's Corner (Chateaux Gonflables & other activities for children)

● Senior Citizen’s Corner

● Business Corner

● Rowing boat (10h 00 - 12h 00 and 13h 00 - 15h 00)

● Horse riding

● Fun Games

● Food Corner

● Praise & Worship


2. Who can attend the Family Fun Day?

● Every LVD church member can attend the event.

● LVD church members are allowed to invite friends, family members, and acquaintances to the family fun day.


3. Where will the event take place?

The event will be held at Pointe Jerome Youth Training Centre, Mahébourg.

Click here for directions 


4. How to register for the event?

● Those interested to attend the event should inform the youth leader in their respective church at the earliest. The youth leader will help you with the registration.

● Or click on this link to register by yourself: Registration

● You should also inform the youth leader in your respective church if you are going to bring along another person or persons (which is not from your church) at the event.


5. Is participation in the event free?

Yes, it is free, but registration is required.


6. Would there be activities?

● Yes, there would be a number of activities including bouncy castles, fun games, rowing boat, and a lot of more interesting activities.

● All activities would be free of charge with the exception of the rowing boat activity.

● All the attendees of the Family Fun Day 2024 are eligible to participate in the activities, with the exception of the rowing boat activity. Please see section 8 below for more details.


7. How to register for these activities?

Any person interested in the activities (except for rowing boat) should register themselves at the specific stall allocated for the activity during the event itself. The activities would be on a first come basis.


8. How to register for rowing boat activity? And what are the fees?

Only members of youth meetings are eligible to participate in the rowing boat activity. All those eligible and interested youth should inform their respective youth leader at latest by Wednesday, 24 April 2024, for registration. Tickets would be provided to registered youth.

Criteria for participation: 

● Must be members of the youth meeting

● Be aged between 15 and 40 years old

● Do not suffer from seasickness

● Can swim in normal clothing (t-shirt/shorts)

● Have the body capacity to last for the entire duration of the race


Details about the rowing boat activity:

a.   All those who have registered would have to present their digital ticket at the stall for the activity, at the time specified below, and pay a fee of Rs25 before participating in the race. Payment should be done in cash on site.

b.   The races would be as follows:

● 10h 00 - 11h 00: Superintendence of Beau-Bassin

● 11h 00 - 12h 00: Superintendence of Curepipe

● 13h 00 - 14h 00: Superintendence of Port-Louis

● 14h 00 - 15h 00: Superintendence of Flacq

c.   Participants should be between 15 and 40 years.

d.   There would be 8 races (two teams competing at a time) of 30 minutes each. There would be no competition. It is just for fun.  

e.   Each race would comprise two teams, with 16 persons on each boat.

f.   All participants should attend a team safety briefing before racing commences.

g.   Professionals from the Ministry of Youth and Sport will be there for the briefing, fitness and throughout the duration of the activity.

h.   Necessary measures will be taken to ensure the safety of participants. Participants will have to wear life jackets.

i.   For your information, in Mauritius the activity is better known as 'dragon boat', and the competition is practiced annually, mainly at Caudan.

j.   In the context of sport at the international level, the activity has a completely different name, depending on the organizing country (e.g. crew in the USA).

 9. What are the activities available for children?

There will be bouncing castles, face painting, and a lot of activities and surprises for our children for the whole day.


10. What is the Senior Citizen`s Corner?

All seniors are invited to join the Senior Citizen Corner, which would be in the projection hall. A number of activities would be available for seniors, including domino, musical hat and ludo, throughout the day.


11. What is the Business Corner?

Located in the gymnasium, the Business Corner would allow all participants to discover products and services being offered by Christian businesses.


12. Would there be parking facilities?

Yes, there will be parking facilities. However, due to space constraints, it is recommended to arrange collective transports (for example: Bus, van, and carpooling) as far as possible. Busses and vans will not be allowed in the premises - They will be allowed to drop off only.


13. Should participants bring their own food? 

● Yes, you can bring your own food and drink. However, participants should not bring collective foods (such as briani degs), as the idea of the Family Fun Day is to know each other, across boundaries of respective churches.

● There will be a food corner with stalls inside the premises, which will sell food and drinks.


14. What type of food would be sold at the food corner?

Indian (dhall puri, roti, briani), Chinese (fried noodles, boiled noodles, boulettes), European (Tacos, hotdogs, chips, Pancakes, Maspin etc) and the Wild (Tang, Canard, Cochon Marron, Cerf) will be sold at the food corner. The prices of the food per person will range from Rs. 20 to Rs. 295.


15. How can I pay for the food?

It is recommended that participants use cash to buy food and drink inside the premises. Some food sellers may also accept payment via mobile banking applications, such as Juice by MCB. However, payments by card will not be accepted.


16. Would there be toilets?

Yes, there are toilets inside the premises of the fun day.


17. Will I have access to the sea?

Only those participating in the rowing boat activity would have access to the sea.


18. Who can participate in the Praise & Worship?

Only singers and musicians, who regularly participate in youth meetings, along with guests invited by the NYM, are permitted.

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