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* These calculations should be treated as budgetary estimates as they could differ by small amounts from final payouts. They also assume you use Ticketbud's recommended payment processor.

Free events

This is important: free events are always free. Get access to all of the features that Ticketbud offers.

Paid events

If you're charging for tickets to your event, the fee is automatically passed on, making Ticketbud free for you to use. You can also choose to absorb the service charge.

Paid Event Pricing

Main Competitor
Service Charge 2%
+ $0.99 / ticket
+ $0.99 / ticket
+ Credit Card Processing 2.9% 3%
Payouts Daily After Event
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Fast payouts

Ticketbud is the best value in the industry. Get paid daily when you use our credit card processing. It's another reason why Ticketbud is the best way to sell tickets online.

Each event I am amazed at the service, quality, and care I receive. In modern day business, it seems these traits always come at a premium cost but with Ticketbud, you receive the hands-on attention your event needs at a fraction of the cost of other ticketing companies. Silas Stoddart, Festival Organizer at Jammin at Hippie Jack's
We researched a number of options and we found that the best bang for our buck was with Ticketbud. You deliver a great value for the fees you charge! Clark Crook, Owner at 189 Public House


Are there any other costs?

In addition to Ticketbud’s fee, there is also a fee charged by the credit card processor you select (more on card processors below). This is an industry standard fee charged by the processor to transact debit/credit cards online. This fee is roughly 3% per transaction, depending on the processor.

Are there additional costs for certain features or configurable options?

Nope! Ticketbud’s fee and the credit card processing fee are the only fees involved with your tickets. For both free and paid events, there is also no setup, monthly, or annual fee.

Can I charge the Ticketbud and processing fees to my attendees or do I, the organizer, have to pay those?

Ticketbud gives you the ability to pick which of these options you prefer. You can absorb the fee, in which case the fees will be taken out of your ticket revenue. Or you can pass the fee along, in which case the attendee pays the fee and you collect 100% of your ticket revenue. If the attendee pays the fees, Ticketbud is completely free to you.

Note that both the Ticketbud and processing fee must be either absorbed together or passed along together.

Do you offer reduced pricing for non profits?

We do! Ticketbud’s non-profit rate is 1.75% + $0.99. To apply for this discounted rate, first sign up and create your non-profit event.

Once your event information has been filled out but before opening up ticket sales, simply email with the subject line “Ticketbud Non-Profit Rate Application”. Please include your 501(c)(3), if possible, or any relevant information regarding your non-profit status.

How do I collect my money?

When a ticket purchase occurs, the payment processor you select will handle the transaction and then send the money based on the options available from that selected processor.

Ticketbud offers processor options that allow you to receive your money as fast as every day. There is no additional cost or charge for faster payouts.

How do I set up a processor for my event?

You will select and set up a processor in the process of creating your paid event. Ticketbud offers three processor options: WePay, Stripe, and PayPal. If you already have an account with one of these processors, you can simply connect your account as opposed to creating a new one. We recommend that you use our preferred processor, WePay, to get the best value and fastest payouts.

What is your pricing for events based outside of the US?

The pricing is the same. For events outside the US, our fees are simply converted into the local currency of the event. Ticketbud can easily be used for events in countries such as Canada, the UK, Australia, and more.