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Our event planning software provides the quickest setup experience, period. You'll love the simplicity and convenience of using Ticketbud. Choose daily payouts and get paid the next day. No more worrying about receiving funds until after your event ends. We also offer the best value rates amongst our competition.

free event planning websites

There's a lot of preparation that goes into the event planning process. Ticketbud's platform is designed to give you full control over your ticketing, promotion, and attendee communication needs. We want to ensure your event's success with our event planning website hub.

Automate Promotional Efforts

event planning websites

Ticketbud stand outs from other event planning websites because we do more than just sell tickets. Our suite of promotional tools improve your event's visibility to attract large audiences. With our platform, you can send tailored email invitations, track your marketing efforts, and get posted on event listing sites with the click of a button.

Your Event Communication Destination

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Event planning is a collective effort, and that's why we made it easy to collaborate on any organizational aspect. You can share sales reports and allow volunteers access to our free ticket scanning devices.
Communication is key to a successful event- you can also collect any information on your attendees and announce important event updates at any time.

Competitive Pricing

Ticketbud's platform is always free for free events. For paid events, you can pass on our competitive service charge to your attendees, making our software completely free for you to use! You'll always have the option to cover the service charge yourself if you wish.

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