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The PCOS and Hormone Dinner Club for Women

Thursday, March 23, 2023

06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Holy Carrot

2-4 Hans Crescent, London, UK

Welcome to the debut of The PCOS and Hormone Dinner Club. This is an opportunity for all you gorgeous beauties with PCOS ,a general interest in learning how to eat for your hormones, or hormonal imbalances to come together, meet, share, learn, and understand how to eat and manage their cycles. The event will be hosted by moi! For those who do not know me I am Alexandra, a holistic nutritionist and health coach to help women, like you, balance your hormones through optimised nutrition, lifestyle, and mental wellbeing. More to the point I am all about getting you to unleash your inner basic bitch you know you want to!

The dinner is at the beautiful vegan restaurant Holy Carrot where all dishes are free from preservatives, refined sugar, gluten, and additives- in other words healthy and hormone friendly!

Bonus- Holy Carrot is located on the ground floor of Urban Retreat, London's long standing go to destination for beauty, hair, and wellness. So if you want, all you gorgeous ladies can get treatments and look even more fly before dinner! 

The event is perfect for women with PCOS or women with a general interest in learning more about how to eat for their cycles which in turn balances their hormones. My goal is to help women up to and through perimenopause understand that Eating for your cycle gives you the power to live a healthier happier life, and in turn helps to stabilize hormones leading to optimized health. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Improved sleep 
  • Stable moods (less anxious, irritable, etc)
  • Decreased stress (healthy balanced cortisol)
  • Increased energy 
  • Healthy maintainable weight 
  • Clear skin 
  • Diminished brain fog
  • Less bloating 
  • Decreased joint pain 
  • Regular periods 
  • Decreased PMS symptoms 

Furthermore, I will go on to explain at the dinner key aspects of women's hormones and how your brain and gut are in constant communication with your body, and largely through hormones. Therefore, whatever you are fueling your body with, it needs to be the right energy and nutrients to properly produce hormones and fuel your body. Hence the three core aspects 1. Consuming high nutrient dense foods. 2. Balanced blood sugar and 3. Make food an experience.

I will go through each phase of a women's cycle and describe what is going on, what kinds of foods should be consumed etc. I also want this to be an opportunity for women to network, talk, and speak up about their symptoms (if any) and create some empowerment and community. The cost of the ticket includes attendance and all the food, but not drinks.

Please note the evening will be for women up to and through perimenopause. Menopause will not be touched on for this particular event. 

You know you want to come, so purchase that ticket and get ready ! 



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