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Mind Levitation 2

Saturday, September 09, 2023 - Sunday, September 10, 2023

02:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Stone Heart Retreat

476 Cameron Road, Coe Hill, Ontario, Canada

Cosmic Monkeys is marking their 3rd anniversary with MIND LEVITATION Volume 2 in the middle of Nature which will feature special performances from some of the best experimental sound artists in the world.

We invite you on a jungle adventure to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and to connect with nature in a way that rejuvenates your mind, body, and spirit. 

This will be a metaphysical transformation happening in the underground sound movement in Canada and to keep this momentum going for the first time ever, Cosmic Monkeys introduces you to an entire night of exploratory, cutting-edge experimental frequencies from Alice D Records and mind-bending visuals at this year's edition.

We would like to express our love and gratitude towards Alice D Records for giving us this platform to share the most innovative and unconventional music that exists.

Let's expand our minds and elevate our spirits with a musical experience that will take us on a journey of self-discovery and liberation. Join us as we explore the infinite possibilities of our consciousness and celebrate the beauty of our inner worlds. Come and experience the magic of sounds that enlighten your spirits with us!"




✯ Music starts September 9, Saturday Afternoon at 2 pm and will run through till September 10, Sunday Evening at 6 pm..!

✯ Parking will only be allowed at the designated areas that we allow for the guests. Our crew will be there to assist you.

✯ The fire should not be put anywhere else on the property as the property already has designated fire pits.

✯ Camping should only be done at the allotted locations.

✯ Bring Lots of Water, lights, food/snacks, alcohol, garbage bags, sunscreen, clothes for warm and cold weather, and positive vibes..!

✯ Please be respectful to the environment and the property, don't burn garbage and cigarette buds in the fire pits, and dump garbage or cigarette buds on the floor or near the camping area. We provide you with bins for garbage and cigarette buds disposal near the party floor.

✯ We strongly recommend everyone to have enough blankets to keep you warm in the camp since most of the camping locations are off the fire-pit areas and no one is allowed to put fire near the tents since it can cause big hazards especially as the event is in the fall season.

✯ No fireworks are allowed at the property.

✯ Please don't play music from your cars or speakers at the property.

✯ There are areas in the property that are not accessible for the guests. We also recommend bringing insect repellents.

✯ The guests are only allowed to stay at the property till 7 pm Sunday (10th September).

✯ Be respectful to other people. Be safe and party smart.


Please clean up the camping area given to you before leaving the event. Take care of your friends as well as yourselves. Be safe and party smart..!


▁ ▃ ▅ ▉ ♪ LINEUP ♪ ▉ ▅ ▃ ▁


➼ KASATKA (Alice D Records) - GER - 4 HRS LIVE SET


➼ OROBORO (Alice D Records) - GER - 3 HRS LIVE SET


➼ KASATKA vs OROBORO (Alice D Records) - GER - 2 HRS LIVE SET



➼ AUDIODIDAKT (Alice D Records) - USA - 3 HRS SET


➼ PSYFUAN (Xibalba Records) - CAN - 2 HRS LIVE SET


➼ GAMBIT (Hipnotic Tribe Records/Enterprise Records) - CAN - 2 HRS LIVE SET


➼ BENSOLO (Forestdelic Records) - CAN - 1.5 HRS LIVE SET


➼ MOHINIA (Voodoo Hoodoo Records) - FRA/CAN - 2 HRS LIVE SET


➼ JUDGE MING (Vantara Vichitra Records) - CAN - 1 HR SET



➼ DJ ROCH (Sacred Technology Records) - IND/CAN - 1 HR DJ SET


➼ SARA DOPSTAR (Reversible Records/Iono Music) - COL/CAN - 1 HR DJ SET


➼ PLAN B (Gloom Music/Shakti Collective) - CAN - 1 HR DJ SET


ANANDA KRISHNAN (Independent) IND/CAN vs PSYOP (Independent) IND/CAN - 1 HR LIVE SET


➼ FLOREPSYMENTO (Organic Family) CAN vs BOT 711 (Collective One) IND/CAN - 1 HR LIVE SET



➼ OHILYN (Core Culture Records) - IND/CAN - 1 HR SET




Sound by

BEATSPEC- Void Acoustics (Quebec)



Visuals by




🎪 Tents & other camping material | Tente & autre stock de camping

💤 Sleeping bags | Sac à couchage

🍇Food items/Water/Fruits | Produits alimentaires/Eau/Fruits

⛱ Tarps for personal Shade | Bâche ou tissus pour faire de l'ombre

🔦 Flash lights | Lampe de poche

🦟 Anti Mosquito sprays | Chasse-moustiques

🚮 Trash Bags | Sacs à poubelles

🧥 Warm clothes for the night | Vêtements chauds pour le soir

🚬 Portable ashtrays | Cendrillés pour ton camp & portatifs

🧻 Toilet paper | Papier de toilette recyclé si possible.

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