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Discussion of “Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

07:15 PM - 08:30 PM



This event will be held online via Zoom.

Event Summary

This Austin Forum book discussion will discuss the insights and forward-looking ideas presented in Max Tegmark's thought-provoking work, "Life 3.0." Attendees will engage in an exploration of artificial intelligence, its potential impact on humanity, and the ethical considerations associated with the development of superintelligent machines. We will discuss Tegmark's vision of possible futures, including the concept of multiple "paths" that AI development could take. Participants will also share their insights on creating conscious machines, the role of humans in shaping AI's trajectory, and the ethical dilemmas posed by advanced artificial intelligence. We expect a dynamic exchange of ideas and that participants will develop an increased awareness of the complex and fascinating intersection between technology and the future of life.

As with all Austin Forum online book discussion events, we encourage everyone to read the book in advance. It is not required to attend, and listeners are also welcome. but conversation is greatly enhanced when the majority of attendees have read the book.

Registration and Attendance Instructions

Online via Zoom

Once you register via Ticketbud, you will receive the direct Zoom link in your confirmation email. You will also receive the Zoom link in a reminder email one day before the event.

We will not admit anyone into the Zoom meeting who attempts to join 15 minutes past the start time.

About the Moderator

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​Mike Ignatowski, Senior Fellow, AMD

Michael Ignatowski is a Senior Fellow at AMD Research in Austin, where he leads the research work in advanced memory architecture for high performance computers. Mike was involved in AMD’s role in winning the bid for the Frontier Exascale system to be installed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory next year. Before joining AMD 10 years ago, Mike worked at IBM in upstate New York for 27 years in advanced development and research. Mike has a master’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan and a bachelor’s degree in physics from Michigan State University.

​Outside of work, Mike serves on the board for Common Ground for Texans (CG4TX.org), a local group dedicated to promoting civil discourse among diverse communities and seeking common ground solutions toward a healthy democracy. He also serves on the board of 350-Austin, a local chapter of the international 350.org organization dedicated to reducing the threat of climate change. Mike is also the former president of the Central Texas Chapter of the World Future Society.

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