Women Unveiled Vol. 2 - Book Launch Soirée & Documentary Premiere

Saturday, October 30, 2021
01:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Private Location
Northern Virginia, VA, USA

Celebrate the official release of Women Unveiled Vol. 2 with visionary author and film director, Erika Etienne, and her 10 the co-authors.  

Come dressed "photo ready" to strut your way to this empowering celebration down our royal carpet.  

Please note tickets cannot be purchased at the door - they can only be purchased in advance from this website. We are only showing the documentary at the theater once, so please get your ticket today before it's sold out.

Location information and arrival time details will be sent via email.

In Women Unveiled, Vol. 2: Secrets of Strong Women, 11 women, led by Erika Etienne, give transparent accounts about the secrets behind their strength. There are many misconceptions when defining a woman’s strength and even misguided thoughts that she may never shed a tear or reach a breaking point. However, these stories reveal that women handle and overcome difficult situations only with an abundance of the Lord’s grace and support from divinely placed people who help shoulder the burden. These stories will demonstrate real-life examples of what relying on God to conquer life’s difficulties looks like. Through them, you will learn to trust God’s plan for victory when the circumstances you face seem to point to failure.

The film will run for approximately 75 minutes followed by a Q&A panel with the co-authors. We'll also have a book signing, networking opportunity, and an all around celebration of the project, and more!


Due to safety regulations, we are not allowed to add extra seats to the venue nor allow anyone to stand. COVID-19: The venue and Etienne Enterprises LLC will adhere to all CDC guidelines. The venue requires mask wearing for all visitors regardless of vaccination status to ensure the safety of all guests.

This is a full-on celebration.



 Erika Etienne is a bestselling author, speaker, Bible teacher, and entrepreneur. She is also the founder and host of the highly regarded P3 Emerge Retreat, where women travel from all over the country to transform and enhance their personal and spiritual lives in order to pursue and experience all that God has for them. Erika has an exceptional gift to empower women of faith to walk peacefully in divine power and authority through inner healing and deliverance. She impacts lives by transparently sharing her personal story of triumph over abuse, divorce, adversity, and a brush with death. She chronicles her journey with resolution-centered processes to lead women to uncover their pain and take action toward their purpose. Her journey of growth and transformation epitomizes for women the truth of God’s word that He is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34); therefore, what He has done in her life is also available to them. Learn more at www.p3retreat.info

Erika is committed to helping others put their faith into action and work to exemplify God’s love and power. Her life’s mission is to share her journey of growth and transformation with others, so they can be inspired to answer the call on their lives. 



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