Tuesday, December 07, 2021 - Tuesday, January 11, 2022
07:00 PM - 07:00 PM

Purpose of E-Course

Is to help students uncover the spiritual truths of sexual sins and help guide students through spiritual freedom from ungodly soul ties, toxic relationships, and spiritual entanglements. 

This course will also help students discover their identity as The Bride of Christ (The Church)!

Lessons to Learn

Identifying Sexual Sin and Uncovering its Spiritual Roots

- Identify what is sin and sexual sin

- Spiritual roots of sexual sin

- What does the Bible say about sexual sin?

What Happens Spiritually When You Have Sex?

- Godly and ungodly soul ties 

- Spiritual doors that open to your soul (ears, eyes, mouth, sexual reproductive system, smell, & touch)

- Demons associated with sexual sin enter through spiritual doors and portals

- Sex is worship: You are either worshiping (God or the devil)

How to Break Free from Sexual Sin

- Renouncing, Repenting, Releasing, and Restoring

- Breaking ungodly soul ties, spiritual entanglements, toxic relationships (cutting off bad communications)

-Breaking free prayers 

How to Maintain your Freedom

-Learning to fill yourself with the word of God

-Selecting accountability partners mentors, and spiritual advisors for your life

-Learning the importance of forgiveness

-Learning to fast regularly

Marriage and Sexual Purity

-What is marriage?

-Sexual purity 

Becoming the Bride of Christ

-Get your confidence back

-Jesus the Bridegroom

-Understanding the role of the Bride of Christ

-How to become the Bride of Christ

-How to write decrees to confess in your daily life

Requirements for Course

Watch Each Video each week and complete assignment in workbook

Attend live prayers Thursdays on my social media pages 6pm CDT


Material Requirements for Course 

Justified Jewel Breaking Free Form Sexual Sins and Becoming His Bride BOOK and WORKBOOK by Khadijah Johnson

Course is non-refundable 

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