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Masquerade Ball: Fundraiser event

Saturday, October 12, 2024

07:00 PM - 10:00 PM


I'm raising funds to host a Masquerade Ball in O'Fallon tentatively in October 2024, which will be a fundraising event for the O'Fallon Township High School's E-Sports Club. I am an alumna from OTHS and my love for video games and helping the community turned into the aspiring goal of raising funds for the E-Sports Club's success.

One by one, universities are slowly integrating collegiate communities in which students can compete in tournaments in certain competitive video games. Not only this, but these educational institutions can offer scholarships to play for their school for these video games that students have a passion for. Because of the plethora of potential e-sports gives to the younger generation, helping sponsor the OTHS E-sports club is an essential steppingstone for college scholarships.

By sponsoring, donating, or volunteering to help make the Masquerade Ball an enormous success in the O’Fallon and other local communities, we can make a difference in the lives of students for them to have a brighter future. We can create awareness of how the e-sports community generates a new possibility for students to pursue success, as well as how e-sports has the potential to positively impact businesses with a variety of endeavors for marketing, business ventures, and reaching the younger generations to come. I hope by the nearby communities’ efforts that this fundraising event will come to fruition.

The funds will be used to hold a Masquerade Ball in O'Fallon, a fundraising event for their equipment, as well as promoting the event through posters, brochures, tickets, event prizes, etc.


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