AA Fest 3 Rocket Challenge

Saturday, April 17, 2021
09:00 AM - 03:00 PM
Sasco Smelter, East Sasco Road, Red Rock, AZ, USA

Do you have a Havoc? 40mm? Or a good ole home build? Bring it on out and show us what you can do!

Only 10 slots tickets go live 4/15 6:30 PM

Prizes for 1st 2nd 3rd

3 rounds testing range, ROF, and ambush

Points will be awarded based on rocket hits

Top 3 scores after round 1 and 2 will move on to Round 3.

This challenge will be limited to foam munitions.

For 2" guns KNA KR2s will be provided.

For 40mm you may bring your own or use foam golf balls provided by me.

Please only HPA, green gas, and CO2.

NO combustion, primers, blank fire or pyro

NO tripods, bi-pods, mono-pods. All launchers must be hand held.

NO crew launchers, i.e., howitzer, allowed

Round 1 Range challenge

Hit SASCO smelter from 150ft then move out 100ft after every hit. Any rounds hitting the smelter 1 point. Rounds that enter the smelter from the north facing opening 2 points. Rounds entering from the top opening 3 points. First round to miss the smelter ends the round for you.

Round 2 Minute man

Fire off as many rounds in one minute at a designated target. 2 practice shots will be allowed. Time starts after first round is fired. Points will be awarded 2 ways first by number of rounds fired second proximity of rounds to target. 1 point for 2 shots 2 points for 3 shots. Points will be given for rounds landing within 5, 10, and 15 feet of target receiving 3, 2, and 1 points.

Round 3 Ambush (still tracking down volunteers for this part)

You and optional combat companion have 5 minutes or till you radio ready to hide in a designated AO. Once in position a POV, Loaded with foot mobiles, will travel down a designated path. At the moment of your choosing you will fire at the POV you will be allowed 2 shots. After the first shot foot mobiles will dismount and begin to engage you. POV will be allowed to engage you as well with mounted weapons. Any Foam rounds hitting POV disable it completely. You and your optional combat companion will be allowed to engage foot mobiles after they have dismounted. Round ends when both launcher rounds are fired or you and your combat companion are hit. Points will be awarded for hitting the POV and hitting foot mobiles. 2 points for hitting front back or top of POV 1 point for hitting side of POV. 1 point will be given for every POV gunner or Foot mobile hit.

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