The Podcasting Fellowship (Autumn)

Wed October 10th 2018 12:05 am – Fri November 30th 2018 11:55 pm (EDT)

You're in. And we're thrilled to have you.

One last step, which is to sign up here. Then we'll send you the login to our online community.

Our online community goes into full swing starting October 10th, and lessons officially begin October 15th. Final deadline for signing up is October 15th.

Please read everything below! Thanks.

A few quick reminders:

  1. Everything that happens in the online discussion is off the record. That means it's a safe space to teach and learn, and that we all agree not to quote anyone else without asking first.

  2. You own everything you create. No one is here to make a profit on your work--the purpose of the Fellowship is to give you a platform to speak up, to inquire, to engage.

  3. Yes! You can do this while you have a day job. Figure you'll need to spend at least thirty minutes a day, but to really contribute well, two hours or so daily. We've designed it to be asynchronous. There will be a few live events, but mostly it's on your schedule.

  4. You're committing to the process. It's not fair to other students if you drop out... that's why we're charging a fee to attend, so that you'll have skin in the game. 

  5. You belong here. We can't wait to meet you.

To remind you, here's the original post (plus some new details, please read it all...):

Internships are a problem. Too often, you're working for free, doing very little of value and learning less. Two out of three might be okay, but that's a lousy combination.

Too often, careers are shaped based on too little input from a busy office. And far too often, privilege and existing relationships play a role in who gets to do something productive.

In real life, after college, you're less likely than ever to have a real job in a real office. You're also hoping to be doing a job you actually like, where people aren't telling you what to do all day. Why train for the worst outcome in a dead-end internship?

Alex DiPalma and I are pleased to invite you to consider a new way to learn how to be a podcaster, open to a group of generous and committed students. A virtual program, available wherever there's a laptop and an internet connection. Alex is a successful podcast producer, who has worked on Akimbo, with Minnesota Public Radio, with Cal Fussman, with Food4Thot, among other shows. She knows what's up.

The idea: You should build a podcast. A podcast that captures insights and experiences in an area you care about. By the end of this course, you will develop, record and create an original podcast series. You'll publish episodes.

Are you hoping for a career in urban planning? Make your podcast about that. You can interview leaders in your field. You can capture your thoughts on the big (and small) issues of the day. You can lead and you can teach. And no one can stop you.

It doesn't matter how many people listen to it. It doesn't matter that it doesn't have a sponsor. It matters that you made it.

[Proud to count Jay Clouse as one of our alumni--you'll find our grads podcasts all over the world! Here are some other alum podcasts. Check them out to give you a sense of what's possible: Morgane Michael, Small Act Big ImpactDavid Nebinski, Portfolio Career PodcastNadine Kelly, Mindful Health for the Wise Woman; Agnieska Stostek and Werner Puchert, Catching the Next Wave]

By the end of the course, you'll have published your work to anyone who cares to subscribe. You'll have developed assertions, made connections and most of all, shared with generosity. You won't be a technical wizard, you'll have something better than that--the confidence that comes from having built and shipped generous work.

The program itself works like this: Sign up here before October 15th, 2018. Lessons will run every weekday from October 15th to November 30th, using an online community platform we're customizing just for you. You can live anywhere in the world. You can already have a gig. All you need is the desire and a commitment to put in the time.

Throughout the program, we'll be teaching you useful techniques, challenging you to invent new ones, and most of all, connecting you with other students who are going where you're going. This online mastermind group will take a real commitment, a few hours a day at minimum. But if you put in the time, you'll earn the body of work you'll end up creating.

Financial aid is available. If you believe you qualify for financial aid, please drop a note to Alex at Include a copy of the financial aid statement from the school you now attend.


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