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Ōlim Productions presents: Ace Ventura


423 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 1T1, Canada

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Event Description

So it begins! After much anticipation, Ōlim Productions is officially commencing operations! A new chronicle in of the realms of Toronto Trance is upon us!

The inspiration for our name comes from the Latin word Ōlim. In the same way one would say "so it began" or "once upon a time" in English, "Ōlim" is used by elders and mystics when they begin to recount an epic tale to a throng of welcoming listeners. Just as this is the beginning of our epic narrative, so it is being told to the gathering Toronto Trance scene! In our story we tell of our mission: to bring about unity through the love of music, with the very best that Trance has to offer. With this, we are proud to present the Toronto DEBUTt of the legendary ACE VENTURA!

Our story is just beginning, come join us and be part of the saga!



Iboga Records

Ace Ventura is the project of Yoni Oshrat - one of Israels biggest talents in electronic music, with a career on top of the scene, stretching for over a decade.

After discovering the trance-scene in the beginning of the nineties, he started DJ'ing, forming the psychedelic trance project Children Of The Doc with DJ Goblin, (later PSYSEX). Together they released 3 critically-acclaimed full length albums on HOMmega Productons, and played a big part in establishing Israel as one of the most important trance-countries on the globe.

After several years of intense touring, where he played at some of the biggest parties and festivals worldwide, Yoni's taste moved more and more towards the slower, groovier side of music though, and in 2006 he formed a new project: ACE VENTURA. This new project fused of the hard, pumping dancefloor-oriented style from Psysex and the deeper, groovier influences of Progressive Trance. Becoming an instant success, and with the release of his song "Cardiac Arrest", he was already considered among the top producers in the world of Progressive Trance.

Since then he has had releases on huge labels like Flow, Echoes, Blue Tunes, Spintwist, HOMmega and Iboga Records, and has won the Psytrance category on Beatort in both 2008 and 2009, with his songs 'Insde Us' and 'Presence' reaching first place. Ōlim is honoured to have Ace Ventura grace the stage of our debut event!


Sara has become a fixture in Canada's and Colombia's Trance scene, and is actively involved in the events and festival circuit on both a domestic and international scale! She is well renowned for her tasty track selection and style: making use of deep rolling bass lines and harmonic melodies with the thrill of the dark side. Sara lets the tunes tell their story: her sets starting off nice and smooth, gradually growing in intensity until they end up wild and out of control! Always inspired to keep contributing to the global scene, making people dance anywhere she goes. We are delighted to have her join us on our quest!

Electric Escape/Solid Events

Trance DJ extraordinaire co-founder of Electric Escape, Ōlim is proud to welcome DeeCee to the decks. A Toronto heavyweight who has mastered the sound of Trance, both classic and current. He brings to the decks not only his arsenal of different styles of the genre, but also his serene, almost seamless mixing of the captivating selections that his studious knowledge yields. Surly not one to be missed!

Ōlim Productions/Electric Star Productions

Gattai is the brainchild of Toronto heavyweights and Ōlim Productions co-founders DJ Davide Ferrara and DJ FraktL. Meaning to focus exclusively on bringing audiences the best and brightest of expansive realm of Trance, they are hitting the scene by force! With the their combined technical skill and their enduring love of the music, they are sure to inspire and enthral you as they weave their musical tales!

Brian Longmire
Trance Sessions

Brian has been passionate about Trance in all varieties and forms for many years. He began to DJ two years ago, and has distinguished himself in the scene through his eclectic taste and versatile abilities. A strong up and comer in the Toronto scene, he is sure to set the atmosphere for the evening!



Early Bird (Very Limited!) - $25
General Admission - $35


Friday, May 5th, 2017
423 College Street (College and Bathurst)

Map of Event Location
May 5th, 2017  10:00 pmMay 6th, 2017  4:00 am