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Better Universe - International Conference

Saturday, June 22, 2024

09:00 AM - 07:00 PM



The Better Universe Institute, is an institute doing research, engineering and technology development. The Better Universe Institute was created as a new organisation that is open, collaborative, cross-disciplinary and able to organize projects at a global scale, connecting researchers from all over the world, on what we call a sprint, focusing the best mind on major goals with radical impact on the quality of life of humanity. The Better Universe Institute is focused in exploring innovative research and engineering, as well as developing high-risk, high-pay-off technologies.

The Better Universe Institute seeks to stimulate worldwide cross-disciplinary collaboration, which it achieves by having people with diverse interests wrapping their brilliant minds around major challenges. The scientific, engineering and technological efforts are complemented by the connection with worldwide industry leaders, each of whom bring years of prior experience in industry and product development. These members connect directly with the research and engineering efforts and help them focus on applications, intellectual property generation, and commercialisation using approaches more commonly found in a start-up environment. Their expertise in developing timelines and meeting milestones is enabling the Institute researchers to innovate and meet program goals at a pace and focus rarely seen. The Institute then connects team members with experienced leaders in business development. In this manner, the Institute harnesses the creative freedom and flexibility of academia while maintaining a focus on translating its discoveries into technologies that can have a positive long-term impact in the world.

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