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Marketing + Sales Conference

Thursday, December 14, 2023 - Friday, December 15, 2023

09:00 AM - 12:30 PM


Miami, FL, USA

VIRTUAL Conference on December 14 & 15

9am - 12:30pm EST

  • Connect with attendees, speakers, and Colaeb members December 6-10 in Miami, Florida. Check out the events on

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  • Access to Virtual Programming with Speakers and Attendees

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  • 2 Free Business Growth Consultations

Our goal with this conference is to simplify activities and problem-solving that lead to growth and equip aspiring entrepreneurs, small businesses, scaling startups, and thriving enterprises with the tools to make the most of 2024 and beyond!

Join us at the inaugural Sales and Marketing Conference presented by Colaeb, where you'll gain invaluable tools and actionable tips to supercharge your sales and marketing efforts.

Featuring EXPERT speakers who have collectively generated millions in sales, this conference is a goldmine of knowledge and expertise.

From mastering social media strategies to optimizing conversion rates, our speakers will share their proven techniques and success stories. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, this conference promises to equip you with the insights and strategies needed to achieve remarkable results in your sales and marketing endeavors.

Marketing (definition): the activity or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

Sales (definition): the exchange of a commodity for money; problem-solving.

Over 25 Speakers Featured:

Kimberly Lewis - CEO & Co-Founder of CurlMix

Evan Leaphart - Founder at Kiddie Kredit + Co-Founder of Black Men Talk Tech conference

Dianna Moore - Senior Executive, Operator, Coach

Amjed Osman - Co-Founder, Managing Partner - GreenLight Venture Partners

Destin George Bell - Founder,

Charron Leeper - Creative Director and Entrepreneur

Dujon Smith - Co-Lead Black Founders Development Program, Accenture Ventures | Founder, My Block Skin

Thomas McClure - Non-profit founder impacting Central Ohio and beyond through fashion.

Jamie McKee - CEO @ StormImpact

Shaun Crawford - Athlete, Media Personality. Founder, Varsity House

James Chapman, Venture-backed Founder, Plainsight

Carrie Aguilar - Innov8 Growth Partners: Sales Strategy and Enablement Leader: Ex DoorDash, Yelp, Varsity Tutors

Chad Porter - Founder and CEO of CHVD JUSTIN

John Delia Jr., Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Developer

Bijan Machen - Founder of The We Uplift The World Foundation

Terry Green - Founder of Non-profit organization Think Make Live Youth, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Trainer, Social Justice Consultant

Megan Fitzpatrick - Founder, The Fitz Solution

Ibrahim Mohmed - Co-founder at Taja AI

Tushar Kulkari, Big Kitty Labs: 14 years in business

Jabez El Isreal - Best Selling Author of Life Matters So Let’s Eat Like It

Chef Stephen Miller - Delivering On-demand Culinary Experiences

Chase Crawford - Founder, Four by Three Productions

Oscar Di Pasquale - Business Automation Expert (website)

Kent Depwe - Scaling Engineering, Product, and Sales teams

Manny Larcher - Colaeb Co-Founder, Marketing Agency Co-founder, Venture Capital investor

Darrell Spencer - CEO/Founder King’s Crowning & Digital Marketing Expert

Here is a list of ten important questions that business owners should know regarding marketing and sales that we will cover during our conference:

  1. What is our target market? Have we clearly defined our ideal customer profile and thoroughly researched their needs, preferences, and demographics?
  2. What sets our product or service apart from competitors? How can we effectively communicate our unique value proposition to potential customers?
  3. What marketing channels are most effective for reaching our target audience? Are we utilizing a mix of online and offline channels, such as social media, email marketing, content marketing, and traditional advertising?
  4. Are our marketing messages consistent across different channels? Do they align with our brand identity and resonate with our target market?
  5. How do we measure the success of our marketing efforts? Are we tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, conversion rates, customer acquisition cost, and lifetime value?
  6. Are we effectively leveraging data and analytics to inform our marketing decisions? Are we using tools and platforms that provide insights into customer behavior and help us optimize our campaigns?
  7. Do we have a well-defined sales process in place? Are our sales team members trained and equipped with the necessary tools and resources to effectively engage with potential customers and close deals?
  8. Are we nurturing leads and building relationships with potential customers? Do we have a system in place for lead generation, lead scoring, and lead nurturing?
  9. How do we handle customer feedback and complaints? Are we actively listening to our customers and using their feedback to improve our products or services?
  10. Are we staying updated with the latest marketing trends and industry developments? Are we open to experimenting with new strategies and technologies to stay ahead of the competition?

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