D/S Deep Dive with Lotus Rope Wolf & Blane

Saturday, April 10, 2021
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Online- Zoom


 D/s Deep Dive |  with Lotus RopeWolf & Blane

60 minutes 

This class is great for kinksters at all levels

Dominant, Submissive or Switch? Perhaps you don’t know where you fall on the spectrum. With so much information out there, it can be overwhelming. We want to help! Join us for an in-depth workshop exploring dominant and submissive dynamics in Kink|BDSM. 

In the workshop we explore:

  • Understand terms frequently used in BDSM & Kink
  • Various types of Dominant/submissive dynamics and archetypes
  • The differences between healthy consensual power exchange vs abuse and victimization
  1. How to introduce/incorporate D/S dynamics into an existing relationship
  2. “Conscious Consent” and its modalities
  3. Embracing risk-aware kink and learning how to practice safely (R.A.C.K.)


BIO | Blane & Lotus RopeWolf

Pronouns | He/Him & She/Her

Lotus RopeWolf and Blane are romantic partners who love BDSM so much they came together to teach. Their relationship includes BDSM (D/S dynamics) and ethical non-monogamy.

Lotus is a professional dominant who specializes in rope and sensation play. Blane is a licensed massage therapist, copywriter, and professional submissive. As they grew together and grew as Black Queer kinksters, they found themselves interacting with more curious kinksters around the country. Questions ranging from play partnerships and vetting to various archetypes in Kink pushed them to open themselves for consults and conversations but it was not enough. This need for information and desire for experience prompted them to curate various private events for open-minded people to learn hands-on Kink/BDSM practices and dynamics. 

Together they use their skills and experience to make information accessible to kinksters at every stage of their journey. Working as collaborators has allowed them to grow in love and laughter as they share. Lotus RopeWolf and Blane currently reside in New York. 

Instagram | Blane @thegreengawddess Lotus @Lotus_RopeWolf

Twitter | Blane @greengawddess Lotus @Lotus_RopeWolf

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