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Invasion 2018 - Pip Utton - Adolf

Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre

3614 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64111, USA

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Event Description

Sun, Feb 4, 7:30 pm

The 20th century’s most notorious tyrant is daringly and divisively brought to the stage in one of the most successful and powerful solo works ever presented.  Standing before a huge Nazi banner addressing his party faithful, he furnishes his audience with an acute anatomy of fascism; its ideological justifications; its poisoned utopias. This powerful play pushes the audience into looking within themselves to question their own prejudice and intolerance. It plumbs the very source of racism and exposes just how near the surface of our own lives lurks its insidious influence.

What made Adolf Hitler so compulsive? How could any cultured person follow him to destruction, desolation and genocide to leave a long deep scar on the 20th century? How do the extremist parties of today command such huge followings all over the world? Utton takes his audience on a journey into themselves, gently coaxing an understanding of the mindset of a nation that could allow a man such as Hitler to take control…  

It is powerful, dramatic, challenging, divisive, illustrative and educational. It is utterly provocative and totally necessary. Everyone should experience it.

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Sunday, February 4th, 2018 7:30 pm –  9:00 pm