Escape Room - The Pirate Ship

Main Street next to Titan's Bar & Grill

Saturday June 23rd 2018 10:00 am –  8:30 pm


PIRATES!  - You and your team of townspeople sneak aboard Captain Blackbeard’s Pirate Ship to take back your town’s stolen gold and jewelry. You must figure out how to get from the hull of the ship into the captain’s quarters and retrieve what is rightfully yours, but you have to hurry, the pirates only left the ship for a short time to resupply and are due back very soon, so you better get moving quickly!  It's sort of like stepping into a real life version of the game Clue! 

Two types of tickets available - 1 ticket for a group of up to 10 friends or your business/organization with a discounted time slot or buy tickets individually and meet your teammates.  

The EscapeUnit, from Sioux Falls, SD is great opportunity to bring the escape room experience to a rural area as a mobile unit.  Built with the same quality, adventure and mindset of a standard escape room, but with the functionality to take the fun of the event to the masses. 


This event has ended


Main Street next to Titan's Bar & Grill

413 Main St, Frederick, SD 57441

Map of Event Location