Joplin Wasteland DDay- The Lost Town

Saturday, May 15, 2021
10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
D-Day Adventure Park
66800 E 175 Rd, Wyandotte, OK 74370, USA

Joplin Wasteland is proud to present our next event, The Lost Town. For this game we will move away from Wate-pa and explore a new land in the hills of Oklahoma. The Exit Four Trade Guild as sent out groups to charted a path into the unknown, to seek out a pathway out to the west. One of these groups have reports of a town lost. With a path now charted and the promise of adventure and loot to be had, this once lost town is now found. What will you do? Become a member of this town and or help guard it? Join the highway bandits to the north for a chance of looting/ taxing the poor wanderers that past by? Why not join up with the Exit Four Trade Guild for a chance to jump in on this new market of trade. Though to the South of the town sits a small group of Exit Four Trade Guild explorers and they need a hired gun or two to help them map out the land. Surely you don't plan on joining up with the Raiders of Caen to the unknown south? They wish to be left alone to guard their loot, yet they seek out battle and blood. Maybe you plan on being one of the few beasts that are rumored to be out there in this unknown land. Or maybe you plan on being a wanderer, a drifter out to journey and find your own path in this new land? Whatever you do we will see you at The Lost Town.

Tickets Prices- 30$ Game charge fee preorder. 35$ gate charge fee.

Time events- May 15th 2021 10am to 12pm Check In/ brief, 12pm to 5pm game on. 5pm to 530pm Item turn in.

Game Rules-

Please read the rules as it outlines the safely guild lines as this is an larp event with airsoft guns.

In this event, all player ammo will be proved at the event. The player may bring out their own ammo to give to an ammo vendor. All ammo used must be biodegradable airsoft ammo. To quit a group you first must speak with the group's said Npc leader.

When a player joins a said Npc ran group they will be marked with their colors and will now spawn at said group's spawn, until they quit that group. Note if a player is apart of a Npc ran group they can not use the Wanderer spawn. For this event players that preorder their tickets will have first choice of what group they wish to join up at pre-order.

Map of Event Location

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Lost Town Member


20 left

Raiders of Caen


10 left

Exit 4 North Airfield Post


10 left

Cookie's Baldknobbers Bandits


8 left

Exit 4 Pathfinders


6 left



40 left
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