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Gods of the Ancient World: The MegaGame

Saturday, June 24, 2023

10:30 AM - 05:30 PM

U of L Shelby Campus, Burhans Hall

440 N Whittington Pkwy, Louisville, KY 40222, USA

Update 6/14 - Being so close to the event and with few tickets left, assignments are mostly done and there are limited roles. You'll still have an amazing time but just wanted this disclaimer as I can't guarantee you'll be on the same team as your friends if you sign up as a team. Feel free to email me if you have specific questions at dukesofhighlandlouisville@gmail.com.

What if the Kingdom of Macedonia (Ancient Greek Empire) did not fall apart and what if the Roman Republic became the Roman Empire 100 years earlier. These changes could have been arranged by the machinations of the Gods. Let's imagine what that world might have been like, under constant threat of war, the dawn of democracy and the Gods reining supreme high from their thrones on Mt. Olympus, playing the mortals against each other in a narcissistic cosmic game.

MegaGames are huge games with a bit of everything - role playing, combat mechanics, bluffing, negotiation - but unlike most games they’re mostly driven by you, the player. The umpires, called the “Control Team,” will be on hand to answer questions and come up with rulings your creativity inspires. While you have agendas and goals laid out for you, megagames allow players to invent their own win conditions and pursue those as well.

In this megagame, most players will take the role of either a Greek or a Roman, attempting to develop the largest, most impressive empire. Some players will be building up their home region by managing their resources, building industry, and manufacturing fleets to sell artisanal goods to distant lands. Other players will be moving troops around the Mediterranean and conquering regions for the glory of their faction. Others will be taking the role of political leaders, developing laws for the betterment of their people whilst vying for their own political standings. 

Meanwhile, a third faction of players will assume the mantle of the Ancient Gods - Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, etc. These players will be seeking to gain prayers from the mortals which will empower them to perform miracles and gain influence over their rivals. 

As always, there will be an optional afterparty where we'll meet at a local pub to talk through the day's events over a pint and a meal (not included in price). Further details will be shared via email closer to the event date.

Check out dukesofhighland.net to learn more about MegaGames and the events we've previously run.

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