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In The Studio With MJ - Helsinki - Saturday (with Russian translation)

Finnvox Studiot

Arinatie 8, 00370 Helsinki, Finland

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Event Description

About "In The Studio With MJ"
Four studio albums.  Countless sessions.  Video mixes.  Dance mixes.  Three world tours.  A ranch called "Neverland."  This was Brad Sundberg's life and career for nearly 18 years, working closely with the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.  This is your chance to hear of the music, the stories behind the music, and what it was like to be a part of Michael's team.  This is a one-of-a-kind music, photo and video-filled seminar. 

Brad had the opportunity to work closely in the studio and at Neverland Valley Ranch with Michael Jackson.  He was Michael's technical director and one of the engineers on four studio albums including "Bad", "Dangerous", "HIStory", and "Blood On The Dancefloor."  (Michael even gave Brad the nickname "Really, Really Brad".)  These mammoth projects (including production, tour-prep and countless remixes) took upwards of 16 months each.  You will see and hear what it was like to be in the studio with Michael and the team of engineers and producers who created these songs, through a carefully crafted timeline of music, video and behind-the-scenes info.  From "Captain Eo" to "Man In The Mirror" to "Smile", Brad was there, and you will hear about the production process.

Additionally, Michael tapped him to help in the early days of designing and building Neverland Valley Ranch, his incredible home.  The ranch was filled with rides, music and surprises waiting to be discovered.  He commissioned Brad to bring music to virtually ever corner.  Michael would even give him specific playlists for certain areas of the ranch, to create just the right environment.  Brad is generous with his insights and knowledge, and there will be time for questions.  

One of my guests - DeAngela R., wrote me the following note reflecting on her experience: "I can't tell you how appreciative I am for and what you've created with your seminar. It was a wonderful experience to have you in Chicago. For years something has been missing from Michael Jackson events, that thing that captures the true essence of his spirit. And since his passing, it's been hard to find that special something. Over the years, I'd had lost the ability to "hear" Michael's music. I was forever listening, but I couldn't hear it anymore. My ears had become encapsulated with grief, anger and loss. But after one day with you, I was FREE again, renewed with a sense of clarity I've never possessed with Michael's music. You brought me back to where it all began, to that thing that has the power to bring nations together.... to the only thing that ever really mattered. . THE MUSIC. Thank you Brad."

If you are a fan of Michael's music, or are curious about how those albums were recorded and the staggering amount of tapes, tracks and time invested, you will want to attend "In The Studio With MJ."

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Detais:  The event wiil be offered twice, on Saturday, January 16 and 17, at 11am.

Both days will be presented in English, however a Russian translation will be included on Saturday Jan 16.

Note that cell phones, video and audio recorders of any kind will not be permitted into the event, but may be checked at the door.

In the unlikley event that the seminar is cancelled, ticket price will be refunded. 

No refunds or exchanges.

Map of Event Location
Saturday, January 16th, 201611:00 am –  7:00 pm