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Basic Lamp Maintenance, Building and Wiring workshop

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

The Repurpose Project

1920 Northeast 23rd Avenue, Gainesville, FL, USA

Have you wanted to fix up that non-working table lamp? Would you like to explore creating your own lamp? Join local artist and musician, Bill Paine, for a workshop on basic lamp creation and maintenance, Wednesday, May 1, at the Repurpose Project. We will cover the basics of lamp design, assembly and wiring. We will also cover topics like use of polarized plugs, how to identify hot and neutral sides of a lamp cord, using a soldering iron to tin copper wire, cutting lamp pipe and some basics of lamp design and fabrication techniques. I will have a few of my art lamps on display that may provide inspiration as well as displaying some of the lamp-making techniques being presented in the workshop.

Feel free to bring one of your lamps that need repair and/or maintenance, and you will learn how to get started on getting them lit again. if you have interest in creating your own lamp from found objects, plan to come early and browse the wonderful treasure trove at RP. We will have some material picked out to use for the workshop, but if you want different material from the store you will need to purchase that separately. In addition, if you have some of your own hand tools and would like to bring them, some things you might need would be needle nose pliers, various screwdrivers (Phillips #2 and straight slot), hammer, drill and bits for drilling metal, center punch, hacksaw and metal file.

Adult Workshop Series - 18 years and older only

Class costs $15-$30 sliding scale. Please donate beyond the $15 if you can to ensure the financial feasibility of holding these workshops into the future. Class fees cover teachers, materials, staff, the space, and promotion of the event.

Class size is limited. To reserve your space you must purchase a ticket pay in full here.

In the past the spots have filled up quickly and we have determined this is the fairest way to do it and ensures people who sign up will attend.

There are 1 to 2 need-based scholarship spaces if you can not afford the class. Please fill out this survey if you want to be considered for the scholarship:

Artist Bio:

Originally from Tennessee, Bill Paine has lived in Florida since the 1970s. Over the years, he worked in a wide variety of vocations: motorcycle mechanic, retail in a medium-sized motorcycle shop, touring musician, programmer, IT Director. He received a bachelor of science degree from University of Florida, in computer and information sciences, and spent over 20 years in the information technology field, before retiring from full-time work as IT director at the Florida Museum of Natural History, in 2016.

Creativity has been the common thread through all of his “day jobs.” Paine's first exploration of artistic expression began in the late 1970s through music. He currently performs with three bands, playing mandolin and guitar.

In 2014, he began creating visual art, and since retiring, has devoted more time and energy to this expression of his muse. He is currently a member of Gainesville Fine Arts Association and Gainesville Artisans' Guild Gallery, both located in Gainesville Florida, and Florida CraftArt, in St. Petersburg Florida. His art has recently been shown in Gainesville Fine Arts Association Gallery, Hippodrome Gallery, Cofrin Gallery at Oak Hall School, Oak Hammock Gallery, Sweetberries Restaurant, Gainesville Artisans' Guild Gallery – all in Gainesville, FL and in Florida CraftArt Gallery, in St. Petersburg, FL.

Artist Statement:

The artwork I create reflects a bit of who I am. I have always been interested in technology and how various components interact with one another to complete a cohesive form. My creative process allows me to explore the multiple ways in which these interactions occur. I am driven to develop and execute combinations that best suit my muse. My work process is fairly fluid. I begin by considering multiple possibilities in my studio/workshop, and when inspiration strikes regarding a particular concept, I begin “trying ideas out.” Getting from initial ideas to completed design involves visualization, along with rearrangement and/or fabrication or modification of components. I might make a rough sketch or photo, but generally work without notes etc. Materials I use vary, but include metal (aluminum, steel, stainless steel etc.), wood, glass, ceramic, plastic and paint. Since I primarily work with found objects, each find can suggest infinite ways of expression.


This event is sponsored in part by a grant from the City of Gainesville, Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs Department.

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