Property Rights Convention

Main Street Theater

Saturday October 20th 2018 3:00 pm –  8:00 pm

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....................................................GET TO KNOW THE SPEAKERS......................................................

KrisAnne Hall 

KrisAnne Hall is a national speaker and consultant on the Constitution, founder of Liberty First University, a former Russian linguist for the US Army, and former prosecutor for the State of Florida. KrisAnne also practiced First Amendment Law for a prominent National non-profit Law firm. KrisAnne now travels the country teaching the foundational principles of Liberty and our Constitutional Republic. KrisAnne is the author of 6 books on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, she also has an internationally popular radio and her books and classes have been featured on C-SPAN TV.

Mark Herr

Mark Herr Sr.  is the president, co-founder, and instruction development director for the Center for Self Governance (CSG).  At CSG, Mark researches and studies human governments, social tensions and stabilization theories. His innovations in and experimentation with social stabilization theory is hailed as “ground-breaking and cutting-edge. Since 2011, he travels non-stop, nationwide, training, coaching, and mentoring CSG Trainees in the application of these theories. He is the producer of the Governed V Governing Documentary Series and has co-authored the upcoming book Speaking the Language of Liberty. He fervently hopes that CSG will deeply cement the science and application of self-governance into the U.S. culture for generations to come!

Jeanette Finicum

Jeanette Finicum is the wife of the late LaVoy Finicum, a cowboy who lived his life for God, his family, and liberty.  Since LaVoy's assassination in Jan of 2016, Jeanette has shared his story and furthered the awareness of defending our God-given liberties by speaking throughout our nation and calling on government agencies to step back into their jurisdiction and under the parameters set out in our constitution.  Jeanette continues LaVoy's legacy by working on their small cattle ranch; and in standing up to out of control government agents who disregard life, liberty and the protection of personal property rights.

........................................ LaVoy: Dead Man Talking Documentary.....................................................

LaVoy: Dead Man Talking will draw you into the tale of a dreamy life and epic death of one of the last Wild West American cowboys—LaVoy Finicum. Regardless of which political side you fall on, his story is so compelling, tragic, and iconic that we found ourselves constrained to add this bio-documentary about his journey to our Governed V Governing series.  

The raw nature of this film is the deep desire to strike a balance between learning from and educating about these real-life stories, while neither vilifying nor vindicating LaVoy's decisions and actions leading up to his death. And while his freedom of conscience is deeply sacred, both the LaVoy Finicum family and the film's producers recognize and understand that to neglect the study of political strategy would be a travesty to the future preservation of life, liberty, and property.

So, what changed in LaVoy’s life, why did he go to the 2014 Bundy Standoff? Why did he go to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in 2016, and on his way to a meeting in John Day ended up stepping out of his truck into a hail of bullets? In answering these questions we review his personal footage, interview his family and those associated with him in Oregon to discover the motivations, frustrations, and resolve that prompted his fateful decisions.


12:30  VIP'S will join guest speakers for lunch at "Chef Alfredo's" St. George" 

 3:00 Screening of "LaVoy: Dead Man Talking" Main Street Theater in St. George   

 4:00  Speaker - Jeanette Finicum (wife of fallen rancher LaVoy Finicum)           

 4:30  Speaker  - Constitutional Attorney KrisAnne Hall                     

 5:15  Speaker - Mark Herr (founder of "Center for Self Governance")                           

 6:00    Speaker     

 6:30 A light dinner will be served during the Q&A                                                             

 You do not want to miss this event!  Seats are limited.                                                                                            

 Please bring printed tickets to The Main Street Theater.


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Main Street Theater

905 S Main St, St. George, UT 84770, USA

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