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Yoga, Wine and Farm Dinner

Saltbox Farm

40 Westford Rd, Concord, MA 01742, USA

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Event Description

Imagine a late summer eve on a quintessential New England farm—the meadow tinted by the amber rays of the August sun, a warm breeze rustling the periphery of trees, and the smell of fresh herbs wafting under nose.  Next envision a flowing yoga class amongst these fields lush with vegetation, which will later be the main source of your exquisitely prepared farm-to-table dinner.  Sound enticing?

Then join us for an exclusive Yoga, Wine and Farm-to-Table Dinner Event, at Saltbox Farm in Concord, on Wednesday, August 24th at 5:30 in the evening.  Sarah Sturges will lead you through an estival, sun-saluting Vinyasa yoga session followed by the team from Saltbox Kitchen, a cafe and brewery owned by Chef Ben Elliott, also the owner of Saltbox Farm.  To compliment the dinner, Stefano Zanoncello of BRIX Wine Shop, will give a thorough description of the wines thoughtfully paired to match the menu.

Sarah is a Boston-based yoga instructor who has been teaching and leading retreats, both locally and internationally, for the past eight years.  She has a passion for gastronomy.  As such, she also dedicates some of her time to teaching culinary classes and whole-foods menu consultation.  For Sarah, yoga and food go hand in hand.  As a provider of both, she promotes her belief of conscious consumption--that good food and good wine should be celebrated and savored; and that yoga is a vehicle for heightening one’s senses and, thusly, developing a keener palate. 

Stefano is a native of Verona, Italy.  Wine and food are his passions.  He, only recently, left his job in banking and his beloved Verona to begin a career in wine and currently works as a wine consultant at BRIX Wine Shop in Boston.  With honors, he has earned a Certificate in Wine Studies from Boston University’s Elizabeth Bishop Wine Resource Center but his own studies are never ending.  For Stefano, it isn’t just the taste of the wine that holds his intrigue--it is the history, the geography, the geology--it is every aspect of the grape growing and wine making process.

Map of Event Location
Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 5:30 pm –  9:30 pm