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Bannaroo 2023

Saturday, August 05, 2023 - Sunday, August 06, 2023

11:00 AM - 10:30 PM

The Banningham Crown

Bannaroo Festival, Colby Road, Norwich NR11 7DY, UK


The world is a funny old place at the moment. It seems it's getting easier to spend your money and harder to earn it. We've always been committed to providing a low cost day for families and individuals alike and for 2023 we've added even more things for you to do and enjoy. You can read our full "Patch Notes" here to see how we're improving your Bannaroo festival but we want you to know that we are committed to keeping your weekend as affordable as we can and that includes your food and drink.

So for one weekend, and one weekend only, we invite you to come with us to a very special place. A place where you can be whoever you are, a place where you can bring your sister, your mother-in-law, your eagle (sadly not but we like the idea) and celebrate all the good things about being human without it costing you a bomb.


Join us, join us, join us you fun-loving feet stompers, for our fourth annual festival of beautiful music, mouth-watering, reasonably-priced food and drink and of course, a good ol' boogie.






Abba Revival - The UK No.1 to Abba


Voted Winners of the UK National Tribute Awards and with 4 consecutive accolades under their belt, Revival recently gained accreditation and the privilege of performing a concert tour in ABBA's Sweden homeland.

These guys really are the best at what they do and dare we say it - in the world.

Hailed as more of a reincarnation than a tribute band, Abba Revival are guaranteed to have all you pop-heads screaming to Mamma Mia and doing the fandango on Bannaroo' afternoon.



Absolute Bowie - The World No.1 Tribute to David Bowie


Winners of both the 'Best Bowie Tribute' and 'Best Tribute Band in the UK', Absolute Bowie promise to capture not only the musical prowess, but the iconic and unmistakeable stage presence of the man himself.

David Bowie’s evolving image has mesmerised fans since the early 70’s and for the first time ever Absolute Bowie will take audiences on a trip that presents all his best-loved personas in all their glory. Performed by a world class five-piece band, this unique take on Bowie features two full length sets that pay homage to both "eras" of David Bowie's eternal impact on the world of music you've come to know and love.



The Los Palmas 6 - Our World No.1 Madness Tribute Band


So where to begin with these guys. Absolute Madness. Formed by the saxophonist from Madness themselves Steve Turner, The Los Palmas 6 was created to bring Madness back to life.

Steve Turner has recreated the original madness sound and spirit with this embodiment of the iconic 70 and 80's ska band. Having been the saxophone player for the original Madness for 6 years straight, touring the world with them across almost all continents AND recording 3 studio albums - Steve has recreated the original Madness sound to form a reincarnation of arguably both the finest and the most successful Ska band to come out of the UK





The Counterfeit Stones - The No.1 Tribute to The Rolling Stones


Having toured the globe for over a decade, The Counterfeit Stones have undoubtedly established themselves as the finest homage to The Rolling Stones alive today. Playing shows of up to 60,000 people in almost every continent, they've got a jaggering (sorry we couldn't help it) collection of outspoken celebrity fans including the likes of Mick Jagger himself, The Gallagher Brothers and even Bill Clinton 😂

Having booked by the British Royal Family themselves on more than one occasion, we're honoured to call them our guests at your Bannaroo 2023.



Katy Ellis - The UK No.1 Tribute to Taylor Swift


Katy Ellis's award winning show to Taylor Swift is the most prestigious tribute act for Taylor Swift in the UK and some may say, the world. Created, produced and delivered with incredible attention to detail, Katy will be wowing us into the evening with not only a full live band but with a fully choreographed dance regime to deliver the most authentic recreation of Taylor we've come to know.

The traits possessed by Katy Ellis has ‘Swiftie’ fans from across the world feeling like they are back watching Taylor Swift herself. The show features all of Taylor’s much loved hits including; Shake It Off, Blank Space, Love Story, You Belong With Me, Look What You Made Me Do, I Knew You Were Trouble.

Stay tuned for more announcements to follow and oodles more juicy news, updates and surprises yet to be revealed.

Check out our official "Aftermovie" from Bannaroo 2019 below.


Bannaroo 2019 Aftermovie


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