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Free Online Event Registration

Is your event free? Collecting RSVP's or online registrations for a class, conference or seminar? Ticketbud's free online event registration service can help you do it all without costing you a penny! Quickly and easily set up your event to your exact needs, promote it with user-friendly email invites and seamless social media integration and start accepting online RSVP's and registrations!

Designed with your feedback in mind, our new layout is designed to make it quick and easy for your event to have the professional and exciting look it deserves.

Quickstart Guide

1. Log into your existing account or register your free account with Ticketbud and get started creating your event! Screen_sign_up

2. As you create your event you will reach the "Tickets for this Event" section. Here, leave the ticket price blank or input a 0 and create your free ticket types including the name of the type, the quantity and any other ticket details you want!

3. In the Payment Settings section at the very bottom of the event creation page, select "Free Event", click the "Create Your Event" button and you're all set! Guests can now easily register for your event online!

Ticketbud Tip: If you need to collect information from your guests as part of their registration, Ticketbud's "Custom Fields" allow you to ask guests required or optional questions that is collected and stored in your Ticket Sales tab!

Ticketbud is the only event ticketing service with an Interactive Event Page Editor which allows you to create the event page in the same environment in which it will be displayed. Therefore, what you see when you edit is what you get when your event page is activated. Never play the guessing game again! And to help you take advantage all of our tools and services, we show your event page progress in our Event Completion Monitor.

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