Mobile Point of Sale Ticket App

It's time to drop the cash box! Use the new Ticketbud point of sale app to collect cashless payments at the door.

Sell Tickets Online.

Then Sell Them At The Door!

Depending on your type of event, not all of your tickets are going to be sold online. Chances are, you’ll have people wanting to buy tickets at the door. Cash can work, but not everyone has it on hand. Plus, it's hard to track and theft can happen.

The solution is simple - use the Ticketbud Mobile Point of Sale attachment. It works directly with the Ticketbud app to process ticket sales, so you’ll never be in the dark. Our point of sale can handle both chip and swipe transactions. If this sounds like something that you’d want for your event, head to to rent your devices! Note: Only works with Ticketbud's internal processor. Stripe and Paypal are not supported payment providers.

At The Door Pricing

We like to keep things simple for our organizers. You have more important things to focus on, like your event!

The service charge for attendees purchasing tickets via our Point of Sale is 2.8% of the ticket value, plus $0.40 per ticket. This is an all-inclusive price. No credit card fees and this service comes at no cost to you, unlike the other point of sale options out there. The Point of Sale can easily handle both chip and swipe transactions.

You can rent one of our Point of Sale solutions for $19.98 plus a $60 deposit you will be refunded upon return of the hardware. Shipping is free to anywhere in the United States.

A Holistic Solution

It’s not just about selling tickets online or at the door. We work with organizers directly to figure out what features you need for your event. When you use Ticketbud, you also get access to our powerful and user-friendly software used by organizers world wide to make their events more successful.

We make it simple for your attendees to purchase from any device as well as at the door. Your page also has integrated social tools that allow registrants to post about your event on their favorite sites.
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