Online Ticketing For Your Event

Ticketbud was created with the goal of making online ticketing simple, convenient and affordable. We understand that ticketing is vital part of your event but it's not the only part. That's why we've created a self-service online ticketing software that allows you to quickly and easily set up your event, sell tickets and get back to what matters: organizing the rest of your event!

From a massive music festival with 20,000 attendees to a local school fundraiser with only 20, we believe that world-class online event ticketing should be available to everyone! Rather than follow in the footsteps of conventional ticketing companies that promise free event creation and ticketing only to charge costly per-ticket fees, Ticketbud provides the worlds first and only flat-fee online ticketing. With flat-fee ticketing, you pay one, low flat price and then sell UNLIMITED tickets without the price going up a single cent. While per-ticket fees seem to punish you for every ticket you sell with unnecessary and outrageous fees, our flat-fee ticketing allows you to keep more of your events proceeds so you can put it towards what matter most.

Technology giving you a headache? Ticketbud can help! From social media integration to FREE mobile ticket scanning applications, we make technology easy to understand and simple to use so you can sell out your event quicker.

Your Checklist

Before The Event

  • 5 Minute Event creation to get your event selling tickets fast.
  • Private Label and Sponsorbud to help you customize your event page and capitalize on sponsorship opportunities
  • Social media integration with sites like Facebook and Twitter to help you spread the word

During The Event-

  • FREE mobile scanning apps for Apple and Android devices for seamless check-in
  • Integrated check in on Ticketbud that allows you to sort and search for guests and their tickets

After The Event-

  • In depth ticket sales tracking that provides insight and feedback on your attendees and your proceeds