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Joplin Wasteland D-Day- The Price of a Cap

Saturday, August 27, 2022

09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

D-Day Adventure Park

D-Day Adventure Park, E 175 Rd, Wyandotte, OK, USA

Joplin Wasteland is proud to present our next event, The Price of a Cap. What is a cap worth? In the last game we saw the influence “caps” had on people and the price many had to pay to the factions. Caps seem to have turned into the currency of the Lost Lands. Some would say this has been a boon for The Town, but at what cost? Exit Four, while rich on caps, finds itself short on supply. The Town has become a hot bed for trade and commerce, but this has brought in criminal elements. The influx of people to The Town has put a strain on goods and supplies. If Exit Four can not deliver their shipments on time, The Town is sure to run out of supplies. One could ask what is Ace's Mob doing? Simple, giving out loans to everyone and then strong arming payment out of an already squeezed township, should the people not pay them back. Worse yet, the Greenwood Thieves have been pushed back to the edge of The Lost Lands and have now set up shop on one of the crossroads of trade for Exit 4. The Blood Hands have gained a dark new ally to aid them after securing the Sword of Solomon, The Black Templars. Rumors also tell of beasts roaming the lands and of many new groups finding their way to the Lost Lands. But all may not be lost, a group called the Knights of Nine, claiming to defend the weak and uphold their Goddess of Light have found their way to the Lost Lands. Who will you join? The Blood Hands, a group of raiders lead by dark forces of old, who make plans for battle and blood. The Black Templars an order of Dark Paladins following the Old Ones who are aiding the Blood Hands, yet are on their own quest to glory. Do you have what it takes to be one of the few beasts that are rumored to be out there in this unknown land? Are you a Knight of Nine, who are charged with helping the innocent and to bring back the stolen Sword of Solomon. Can you keep the Lost Town safe from the forces of evil? Maybe you have been hired out by the town Vendor Master of Neon or the Duke of Oil to carry out their wishes? Then again rumor has it the Mayor of Wata-Pa is on his way to lay claim as the new mayor of this great town, will you help him? Or maybe you are just a simple towns person wanting all these wastelanders to get off your lawn? You could join Ace's Family and hunt down bounties, I hear they have brought in some more muscle to aid them in their operations. If your looking make some caps and explore the lost lands, you could join the Exit Four Trade Guild as a hired gun or as a vendor. I hear Frank Lee Danger is back at it and is looking for some trust worthy chaps. But don't forget the Greenwood Thieves! Soda, song and stealing from the rich to give to the poor, what more do you need? Well they do owe money to the mob, but that's a problem for later, right? Or maybe you plan on being a wanderer, a drifter out to journey and find your own path in the Lost Lands? Whatever you do we will see you at “The Price of a Cap”.

Tickets Prices- 35$ Game charge fee preorder. 40$ gate charge fee. Time events- August 27th 2022 9am to 930am personnel player time, 930am to 10am costume contest,10am to 11am check in / rules briefing, 11am to 1130am faction briefing 1130am to 12pm player to field movement. 12pm game on. 630pm Item turn at town and end game brief.

Game RulesGoogle Docs-

Please read the rules as it outlines the safely guild lines as this is a larp event with airsoft guns. For DDay ANSI Z87+ approved full seal eye protection and players under the age of 18 must also have full face protection. In this event, all player ammo will be proved at the event. The player may bring out their own ammo to give to an ammo vendor. All ammo used must be biodegradable airsoft ammo. When a player joins a said Npc ran group they will be marked with their colors and will now spawn at said group's spawn, until they quit that group. To quit a group you first must speak with the group's said Npc leader. Note if a player is apart of a Npc ran group they can not use the Wanderer spawn. For this event players that preorder their tickets will have first choice of what group they wish to join up at pre-order.

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