The Tossers w/ Murderer's Row, Non Compliants

Putnam Place

Sat March 9th 2019 9:00 pm – Sun March 10th 2019 12:30 am (EST)


The Tossers

The south side of Chicago has a tough working class reputation, it’s also known for one of the largest populations of Irish people this side of the Emerald Isle. So it’s not entirely incongruous that a hard luck kid from the south side of town would choose to play traditional Irish folk music in pubs around the neighborhood. At 18, Anthony (T.) Duggins, was doing just that – playing pub favorites and covers of greats like Christy Moore, and Ewan MacColl. Before long his brother and his best friends were playing the original songs he had written as well, and so became The Tossers. The name was taken from an old slang term used for worthless British coins in Sean O’Casey’s play The Plough and the Stars. The coins became useless after the southern Irish Free State won independence from Britain, and started to print it’s own currency. The term tosser has since come to mean wanker, or it’s American equivalent, jag off.

Murderer's Row

Murderer’s Row, drunk rock from the U.S. backstreets of Troy, New York! Forged in early 2000 from same flame that brought you hardcore heavies, Stigmata, Murderer’s Row set out to shock the world again with our take on life; fightin’, boozin’ and the working class struggle.

Non Compliants

Albany Punk-Rockers, Non Compliants kick off the evening.


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Putnam Place

63 Putnam St, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, USA

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