Thursday, July 30, 2020 - Wednesday, July 31, 2024

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The Power of your Persuasion Presentation can now be in your Patient's Hands!

You've seen Dr. Phelps' Patient Education influence flyers and you know how they work from a Pre-suasion standpoint to set the mindset before you talk with the patient.

You've heard Dr. Phelps talk about how they can be used Persuasively at the chair during your presentation and how Post-suasively they can be used to influence a decision maker who wasn't present in the office or just to remind patients that they have a dental issue that's not going away. 

Because so many of you have requested a copy of these flyers but didn't have the means to create your own, now Dr. Phelps and his design team will create a customized set, just for your office!


1. Anchor worksheet. 

2. Crown Pre-Suasion Flyer. 

3. New Patient Questionnaire. 

4. Single Missing Tooth Flyer. 

5. Gum Graft Stairs Handout. 

6. Long Term Ortho Flyer. 

7. Whitening Flyer. 

8. Sedation Handout. 

9. Short Term Ortho. 

10. Your Options for Treatment Flyer (edentulous arch). 

11. Onlay/Inlay Flyer. 

12. Scaling and Root Planing Flyer. 

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