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A Guide To Writing An Exemplification Essay-2022

Thursday, June 30, 2022

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A Guide To Writing An Exemplification Essay-2022


An exemplification essay has arguments in it to convince the readers. The claims made are supported by examples one after another. Therefore, you need a lot of facts to back up your claims when writing an exemplification essay. As the name suggests, These examples could be stats or figures that will prove your claim. For example, if you are writing on climate change, then use the statistics available as examples. You can also choose the essay writing service to write an exemplification essay for you.




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Choose an appropriate topic.

When you choose a topic for this type of essay, make sure that the topic is not too general, or there will be no novelty in your essay. Similarly, the topic should also not be very specific because you need to find good examples for this type of essay, and it will be very difficult to find examples for it. 


After you are done choosing a topic, brainstorm ideas that will help explain your topic. Then, list down all the thoughts you have on that idea. Once you list these ideas, you will be able to pick a stance for your essay. 


Choose the best examples. 


After you have picked a stance and have also listed all your ideas, the next step is to research some examples you can also go through theessaywritingservice.com that will best suit the topic at hand. Start your research as early s possible, as it will help you find better examples. If you know a friend who might have good examples, then write to them, ‘’I will write my essay soon, could you please provide me with good examples on this topic?’’


Create an outline for your essay 


Organize your ideas into an outline for your essay. First, be sure where and how you want to use the examples you have researched. If you don’t create an outline, the examples you found will not support your provided data. Once you have the outline in mind, start writing your introduction, followed by body paragraphs. 


Decide how many paragraphs are required for you to explain your claim. The theme of your essay should be clear in the introductory paragraph. As it is a type of argumentative essay, its goal is to convince the readers by examples. Therefore, make sure to use examples from authentic sources and not just your ideas.


How to write an introduction 

The introduction of your exemplification essay should start with a hook statement that impacts the reader. You can begin by introducing the topic and giving reasons why this topic was important to cover. To write an attractive intro, you must be familiar with your target audience. The introductory paragraph ends with a statement that acts as the thesis statement for the author. 


The transition between body paragraphs 


There are almost three to four body paragraphs written after the introduction, which contain examples. It is important to use transition words because they maintain order between paragraphs. Using such words will connect the paragraphs, and the essay will make more sense to the audience. You can ask a writing specialist to do it for you by mentioning the amount you are willing to pay theessaywritingservice.


Concluding paragraph 


Once you have presented the argument and given relevant examples, conclude the paragraph by reiterating the claim in your introductory section. A great way to edit and proofread your work is by reading out loud what you have written. This way, you will be able to examine the possible grammar mistakes you might have made. Finally, make sure that your essay meets the requirement. 



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