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The Groovy Nobody, Laguna Largo, Serafima and the Shakedowns

Friday, March 24, 2023

07:00 PM - 11:30 PM

The Blue Room

202 East Holly Street, Bellingham, WA, USA

Doors 7:30 | Music 8:30

About the Artists

The Groovy Nobody

Psychoactive vibration makers located just outside the castle walls of Seattle Washington, brewing amorphous culminations of modern neo-psychedelia. These musical ideas are brought to fruition by the mystical mind of Sam Larson, the groovy nobody, and vary from record to record with stylistic identities. Dabbling in the crossfires of many different sonic colors and textures, with earlier works reflecting the lower fidelity inception of the project. Ranging from weirdo renditions of irregular dark and shimmery mid 10s style psych-pop song’s, to saturated parallel universe takes on reimagined 60’s garage rock-esque ditties, acutely encompassing a continuous multi-song epic. This foundation fermented into the release of reworked extended jams, and set the pace for an inevitable plunge into more experimentations. With current musical incantations revolving around elements of dark existential surrealism, tastes of both jazz and funk sprinkled here and there, cultivating a rather unique yet equally familiar collection of experimental Psych melodies.



Laguna Largo

Laguna Largo is the collaborative duo between vocalist and guitarist Doug Tuck, and keyboardist and percussionist Hank Armstrong. Together they write, record, and produce the multi-instrumental music released under the Laguna Largo moniker, which is currently based in Bellingham, Washington. The band recently expanded to a four-piece for live performances and future recordings, with new members Chris McGovern on synthesizers/keyboards and Grayson Padgham-Walker on bass. Laguna Largo's first full-length, independent album, "Coalescence," represents the sonic amalgamation and creative evolution of the duo's shared musical visions since they first began working together in 2016, and features artwork and mastering by LA-based, DIY, psych-pop extraordinaire, Vinyl Williams.




Serafima and the Shakedowns


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