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#SocialLabs Competition = Community w/ Tribe Up North and Embolden

Tuesday, September 10, 2019
05:30 PM - 08:00 PM
Erie Way Flowers
Erie Way Tree Farm, South Holley Road, Holley, NY, USA

When is competition a good thing? How can it help boost or drive your own passion and business? How far can you fall into the pits of competing for business until you realize you're isolated in your own bubble, afraid to collaborate or open up to meet and connect with other businesses? How can competition be healthy in business? As an organization, we subscribe to the mantra of community over competition, which put so eloquently by The Rising Tide Society, is "competition rightly ordered by putting relationships before opportunities." With Lydia Maybee of Tribe Up North and Natalie Sinisgalli Kettavong of Embolden, we will begin the discussion of how competition can be used as a tool for growth and strength in tandem with collaboration and community.

Before the round table discussion, enjoy grazing through Erie Way Farms flower fields to create your own arrangement! Cocktails, light fare and admission included in ticket price.

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