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Photo Scavenger Hunt-Heartland Charter School

Friday, October 04, 2024

01:00 PM - 02:30 PM

Hart Memorial Park

Alfred Harrell Hwy, Bakersfield CA 93308

Registration window September 5, 10:00 a.m. -September 12, 7:00 p.m.

YOU AND A GROUP of friends/family will be going on a scavenger hunt. But not just any scavenger hunt! This is an outdoor challenge where your group will work together to find items from one of two options: a more creative math-based scavenger hunt OR a more cranial science-based scavenger hunt.

Each item will be counted as found once you take a group picture of your group WITH THAT ITEM and text the photo to me. (Yes, you will need a cell phone to take & send photos to participate in this field trip.)

You have one hour to find, photograph, and send as many items as you can. Don’t forget to report back to base camp by 2:15 PM whether you finish early, on time, or have only found a few items from your list at that time. There is a REWARD FOR EVERYONE PARTICIPATING in our scavenger hunt challenge.

For field trip safety:

1. Every scavenger hunt group must INCLUDE AT LEAST ONE ADULT

2. Everyone must STAY WITH YOUR GROUP at all times during this activity

3. All groups must stay within our area of the park during this activity (NO CROSSING ANY ROADS)

Heartland events are designed for families to attend together. Students need to be accompanied by an adult chaperone. If your student will be attending with another family, please indicate this when you register your student and let the field trip host know once you complete your registration. Chaperones must be the legal parent or 25 years and older. All chaperones must be healthy, ethical people with the skills to be responsible adult chaperones.

**To ensure the health and safety of all attendees, please do not attend a field trip or event if you, your student(s), or anyone in your household is ill or showing possible signs of illness.**

May I pay using my funds? This event is FREE!

What are the check-in procedures? We will start right at 1pm for this is a timed-challenge activity. I will have a check in table under a tree near Section 11 at Hark Park. Park on Lake Road along the north side of the bigger pond. There is also a larger playground area and bathroom right next to the grass/shaded area where I will set-up the challenge’s base camp.

Does this trip have any height, weight, and/or age restrictions? All ages welcome! All scavenger hunt groups must include an adult AND someone with an electronic device with the ability to take, store, and share photos. Each person who attends a field trip or event must be registered through Ticketbud.

Is there on-site parking available? Free parking, park on Lake Road north of the big pond near Section 11 (larger playground next to restrooms).

Can we pack snacks or lunch for this event or field trip? Families are encouraged to pack picnic lunches to enjoy at Hart Park BEFORE OR AFTER this event.

How do I contact the event organizer?

Name: Sheri Van Patten

Phone: (661) 619-2783

You must be enrolled in Heartland Charter School in order to attend this event. We verify enrollment for all attendees.

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