Saturday, June 13, 2020

10:00 AM - 02:00 PM

The Float Training Academy

8 Third Avenue, Hove, UK

THE BUOYANT BODY part 1 is the fourth in a new series of Somatic Yoga immersions that will make up a comprehensive course throughout the year 2020, though guests are welcome to attend individual days as stand alone events. The fundamental principles for exploration will be:

Movement and myofascial soft tissue release work with balls to hydrate tissues, re-invigorate dormant movement patterns as a result of removing tension holding / habits.

In part 2, we will explore the origin of spiralling movement as inspired by the progressively developmental movement patterns in The Franklin Method

This immersion is open to ALL students & no experience is necessary to attend. Yoga Teachers will receive CPD credits and benefit from wonderful experiential content to enrich your own sessions.

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SOMATIC YOGA is a deep dive into the replenishing delights of the subtle body energies. This practice introduces you to the nourishing experience of embodied mindfulness - an experience that cannot be described in words though some have tried:

"It's like eating a cream bun but without the calories" - Yvette

This practice involves all floor-based explorations & introduces of way of being in the body that is blissful & honest. No seeking, No striving, No pushing, No gripping on...

Just being

The end result is very similar to a Restorative yoga practice - the nervous system gets complete relief but through very slow, very soft, gentle movements.

These immersions are a day long as ample TIME is required to really allow tension to melt away. It is an amazing opportunity and the time flies by! The day will be varied and will involve some basic, non-invasive hands-on, shiatsu pair work, similar to adjustments sometimes given in Savasana, inspired by hands-on exercises from The Skinner Releasing Technique.


Emma Cole is a Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher and has been teaching and practicing Yoga for 20 years. She originally trained as a professional dancer (BA Hons) that Emma was immersed for three years in the skinner releasing technique. SRT classes include imagery as a powerful tool for transformation. Part of the class involves hands-on partner studies (partner graphics), where we can feel ourselves letting go of habitual holding patterns, maybe for the first time. Emma's Somatic Yoga sessions are also informed by many years of Feldenkrais practice.

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