The Float Spa

Saturday June 29th 2019 3:00 pm –  5:00 pm


Join me for my Yoga workshop GRAVITY & INSIGHT where we will explore 'anchoring within flow'. This is a great way to enrich your relationship with asana, to avoid repetitive strain injury & to nourish longevity in your physical practice.

Rooting, anchoring & allowing, in order to lengthen, rise, elongate & find space and ease in the body are principals are sometimes difficult to access in the vinyasa style of yoga. Vinyasa flow yoga is characterised by a sense of pace and momentum - within which the body has less space and time to work with the nuances of a pose and to counter the effects over-efforting.

Moving slowly is perhaps how we can give time to the body to allow the ‘giving in to the earth’ to spread through the whole system. It takes awareness, practice & somatic presence to maintain genuine anchoring within the momentum of a Vinyasa Flow class.

Join former Professional Dancer & Senior Level Yoga Teacher Emma Cole for a Soulful, Somatic, Sweaty Vinyasa Class followed by CPD Tuition (This training is recognised by The Yoga Alliance UK). Emma is a former professional Dancer, has been practising Yoga for 20 years & trained as a Teacher under the tutelage of globally acclaimed Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Claire Missingham.


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The Float Spa

8 Third Ave, Hove BN3 2PX, UK

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