Water Yoga

Shanti Yoga Ashram

4209 East West Highway, Chevy Chase, MD 20815, USA

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Event Description

Warm Water is therapeutic and supportive, allowing you to take stretching and breathing far beyond ordinary limits.  Yoga is an ancient practice promoting balance, energy, deep breathing and relaxation.  Together, water and yoga work synergistically for soothing, yet effective exercise.

For water lovers!

For anyone needing to relax deeply and rejuvenate – from illness/surgery, from stress, … from life!

For those with limiting conditions, enjoy the water support

Excellent for Pregnancy and Mothers after birth

Water Yoga opens the body, releases stress and creates an anxiety-free relaxed state, strengthens and tones muscles and joints, develops breathing, eases aches and pains.

Enjoy our chlorine-free pool using eco-friendly Copper and Silver ions to cleanse the water; ozonation to enhance filtration.

Water temperature is 88-90 degrees F, perfect for a 1-hour class.  

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