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Don't get caught without a TRN in Dubai

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

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Readers should answer the following questions in their mind before reading this article : 1) What is TRN Verification? 2) How to check TRN Verification in Dubai? 3) Can I enter UAE without TRN? 4) What is the purpose of having TRN in Dubai? 5) Is it illegal to not have a TRN visa in Dubai? 6) Does it cost money to have a TRN visa in Dubai? 7) Where can I get my free VISA in Dubai if my company offers free one to me? Click TRN Verification Dubai to see intriguing realities about TRN.


Step 1: Check if you have applied for TRN

If you have applied for an Emirates ID and driving license you will have received an email notification when you made your application. Check if you have applied for a TRN, as sometimes these notifications can go into junk folders or deleted emails. If so, please follow step 2. If not, skip to step 3. The first thing you need to do is check if you have already applied for a TRN (Transport Refund Note). To do that simply click here . Once on that page, click on 'Apply For' and then enter your Emirates ID number (which is 11 digits long) followed by your date of birth. This should bring up a screen similar to below:

If it does bring up any information about applying for a TRN then no further action is required from you at present.


Step 2: If you have applied, wait for 15 days

The UAE Ministry of Interior says that it takes about 15 days from when you apply for a personal identification document (TRN) until you receive it. However, if you’re applying for a business ID card (BID), be prepared to wait three months before being issued one.


Step 3: If you have applied, go ahead and apply for an eGate card

Applicants with an eGate card can travel straight through immigration by using just their passport. It should be noted that it might take several weeks for you to receive an eGate card after applying, so plan ahead and submit an application well before you need it. The card will come in either Arabic or English; if it’s written in Arabic, there are instructions on both sides of the card (very important) that must be reviewed carefully!


What happens when you don't have a TRN number yet?

All drivers and riders are required to have an Emirates ID number. To rent or ride an e-scooter or bike, you must first apply for a Temporary Registration Number (TRN) and get it activated on MyEMTStatus. This process should take approximately two days. If you do not obtain your TRN number before beginning to use e-scooters or bikes, they will be seized by police officers. You may be fined up to AED 20,000, too!


Do I need to have my residence visa with me all the time while travelling within the UAE?

Yes, it is vital that you carry your residence visa at all times. It must be valid when crossing an internal border. Otherwise, you may need to obtain a new visa at an entry point of UAE upon entering or re-entering. [..] You are allowed to leave UAE once every three months with your resident visa as long as you return before it expires. If you stay outside for more than six months, your residence visa will expire and cannot be extended.


Can I drive with someone else's driving license as long as they are on my car insurance policy?

In order to drive in Dubai, you need a valid driving license and car insurance. Your valid license must be from one of these countries: UK, USA, Australia, UAE or Canada. You cannot use someone else’s license unless it is for personal usage and you are on their car insurance policy. Since it will not be listed under your name, we suggest that you do not drive with someone else’s license.


What will happen if I am stopped by police officers at the UAE airport or other checkpoints but do not have an ID with me?

If you are stopped by law enforcement officers, you will likely be asked for an identification card (ID). To avoid any problems with documentation, verify that you have your Emirates ID and residency visa on hand. The best way to do so is to keep it separate from your passport—particularly if you’re carrying both documents together. It may also be helpful to alert someone of your travel plans prior, and make sure they can reach you at all times in case of an emergency.


Can I still enter UAE even if I don't have residence visa stamp on my passport (after my recent renewal)?

Yes. The only way you can be denied entry is if you do not have any valid visa stamp (or visa) on your passport. For example, if you hold an electronic visa or a visit visa and it has expired, then you will not be allowed into UAE. However, even after your residence visa has been issued and entered into your passport, it may take up to 48 hours for all systems at immigration points across UAE to update with new information.


Can my family members travel out of the country from Dubai International Airport after submitting our application online but before receiving their resident visas in Abu Dhabi/Dubai counter at any landport immigration office in UAE or at any of the Emirates' airports?

Yes, your family members can travel out of UAE by air or sea after submitting their application online. However, they must carry with them an approved work permit card or an authorized visa/passport which is valid for 6 months (except for Emirates Identity Card) or an official acknowledgement that indicates that their applications are being processed. And since different airlines have different rules, please make sure you inquire with your airline company before traveling.

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