Emotional Quotient (EQ) or Emotional Intelligence

Thursday, June 22, 2023

10:45 AM - 01:00 PM

Pinnacol Assurance

7501 E Lowry Blvd, Denver, CO, USA

The 30-45 minute course is designed to bring awareness to a set of skills that are intentionally developed with the outcome of an increased personal and professional success. This is achieved by building strong relationships, decreasing stress and equipping a person with the skills they need to win in every situation they may encounter. We will discuss the pillars of EQ: 

1. Self-awareness 

2. Self-regulation 

3. Motivation 

4. Empathy 

5. Social skills. 

We will overview each of these pillars and talk about the key components. We will pass out an EQ test for the participants to take at their leisure. The intent will be to encourage the participants to consider their awareness of EQ and how they identify areas to improve upon. Unlike IQ, EQ is developed. Awareness is the first step to that development. There will be time for a Q&A session.

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