Saturday, June 24, 2023

08:00 AM - 07:00 PM


67996 E 176 Rd, Wyandotte, OK, USA

Competition Shooters: Please come prepared this year to arrive at Registration at least 1 Full Hour prior to the Time of your Shooting Event. O.F.A.S.T.S. has decided to add a .22 Challenge Test Run on Saturday. The .22 Challenge has been an event in the planning for a few years. We have priced it conservative for everyone's participation. We look forward to your feedback afterwards in preparation for September 2023!

**New R.O.'s have been inducted for 2023 as Buddy and Lyn have officially retired. Please make your way over to the Vendor Barn on Saturday and Thank Buddy & Lyn for their years of Commitment to O.F.A.S.T.S. as Range Officers.

The Safety Briefing attendance will be mandatory this year for each round of events.

Aerial Sniper Shoot - 9AM to 10:45AM

BRO 600 Yard Sniper Shoot - 11AM - 12PM - 2PM - 3PM

.22 Challenge Test Run - Will begin immediately following the Noon Sniper Shoot

1000 Yard Long Range Shoot - 4PM

I can be reached at 918-676-6742 via call or text. Martha

See http://www.oklahomafullauto.com/ EVENTS for Details of Each Competition

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Aerial Sniper Shoot - Be at Registration at 8AM !

$240.00+ $13.44 fee

12 left

BRO 600 Yard Sniper Shoot - 11:00 AM

$35.00+ $3.09 fee

11 left

BRO 600 Yard Sniper Shoot - 12:00 PM

$35.00+ $3.09 fee

BRO 600 Yard Sniper Shoot - 2:00 PM

$35.00+ $3.09 fee

BRO 600 Yard Sniper Shoot - 3:00 PM

$35.00+ $3.09 fee

1000 Yard Long Range Shoot - 4PM

$35.00+ $3.09 fee

.22 Challenge Test Run Event - Check in at Registration by 11AM

$10.16+ $1.84 fee

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