Saturday, June 22, 2024

08:00 AM - 08:00 PM


67996 E 176 Rd, Wyandotte, OK, USA

Competition Shooters: Please come prepared this year to arrive at Registration at least 1 Full Hour prior to the Time of your Shooting Event. O.F.A.S.T.S. ran a .22 Challenge Test Run on Saturday in June with a good number of shooters. The feedback supports the interest to hold the .22 Challenge. The .22 Challenge will kick off in full swing June 2024. The pricing will be posted by the end of 2023 with open Registration.

The Safety Briefing attendance will be mandatory this year for each round of events.

The Safety Briefing will take place at the start of each event.

ALL Firearms will be in and remain in cases when approaching Shooting Area. ALL Firearms will be Secured with Chamber Flag - Responsibility of the Shooter.


Aerial Sniper Shoot - 9AM to 10:45AM *Must be signed in at Registration by 8:30AM

BRO 600 Yard Sniper Shoot:

11AM *Registration by 10:15AM - Safety Briefing at 10:45AM

2PM *Registration by 1:15PM - Safety Briefing at 1:45PM

3PM *Registration by 2:15PM - Safety Briefing at 2:45PM

.22 Competition Shoot:

12:00 Noon Registration by 11:00AM - Safety Briefing at 11:45AM

1000 Yard Long Range Shoot:

4PM *Registration by 3:15PM - Safety Briefing at 3:45PM

PRIZES Presented during Dinner Break - Approximately 6PM Time Frame!

Contact Martha at 918-676-6742 via cell or text. Calls returned after 5PM M-F

Contact Jody at 918-666-2788 at the Firing Line Mon - Thurs 8AM - 6PM

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Aerial Sniper Shoot - Be at Registration at 8AM !

$250.00+ $13.94 fee

12 left

BRO 600 Yard Sniper Shoot - 11AM *MUST be at Registration by 10:15AM

$35.00+ $3.09 fee

10 left

BRO 600 Yard Sniper Shoot - 2PM *MUST be at Registration by 1:15PM

$35.00+ $3.09 fee

11 left

BRO 600 Yard Sniper Shoot - 3PM *MUST be at Registration by 2:15PM

$35.00+ $3.09 fee

4 left

1000 Yard Long Range Shoot - 4PM *MUST be at Registration by 3:15PM

$35.00+ $3.09 fee

20 left
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