Dreams: How God Speaks to Us Through the Wisdom of the Dream

Sunday, January 23, 2022 - Sunday, January 30, 2022
02:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Sunday January 23, 2022 and Sunday January 30, 2022 - 2:00 - 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time

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Westerners have been raised to believe for the past few centuries that dreams have nothing to do with truth or with their spiritual life. However, early Christian literature bears witness to the spiritual importance of dreams, and in the 20th century the work of Carl Jung has reclaimed for dreams their rightful place in contemporary spirituality. In this workshop, participants will be led to explore the symbolism of their own dreams as a path to a surprising depth of healing.

Two sessions of three hours each of teaching and interactive dialogue about how to re-establish the ancient Christian spiritual discipline of hearing God’s voice in our dreams and how they lead to healing the soul.

Sunday January 23, 2022

Session One: A historic overview of how the early church understood the importance of the dream, and how this emphasis changed, and then disappeared in the West, but retained its vitality in the Eastern Churches. 

Session Two. The basic themes found in dreams and how to understand them for correction, guidance, affirmation, spiritual direction. Archetypal aspects of the inner person, Symbols of the Self (Christ Within), symbols pertaining to our intrinsic and instinctive life. The nightmare, as usually a God-speaking dream. 

Sunday January 30, 2022

Session One Symbolic Transportation themes pertain to guidance and the directions we are taking in our lives. How the dream acts as a barometer to affirm or warn us in regards to a need to strengthen the ego or to avoid ego-inflation. 

Session Two. Using scholastic reference books and other resources, and why dream dictionaries are useless and can be misleading. The practical aspect of recording dreams, working with them in Active Imagination Journaling. Addition reading materials for ongoing self-study and interpretation. The importance of working with a mentor when encountering difficult dreams.  

Offered by:

Peter Fritsch​ is an Episcopal priest, spiritual director, writer, and a vigorous proponent of the inner life and listening to one’s intuition. He writes and teaches in the fields of Jungian/Christian Dialogue, dreamwork, healing prayer, and the life of the soul.

He is the author of A Moment of Great Power: Sacramental Prayer and Generational Healing, Dreams: A Spiritual Guide to Healing and Wholeness, and, The Spirituality of the Holy Grail: Restoring Feminine Spirit in the Western Soul among other books. Peter has been training laity and clergy in healing prayer for over forty years.

Peter has a Masters of Divinity from The Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley, CA, and a Bachelor of Music Therapy from the University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA. He studied dreamwork and Jungian studies for eleven years with the Episcopal priest/Jungian analyst John A. Sanford of San Diego. Additional mentors were Morton Kelsey and Robert A. Johnson, and the Jungian Institute in Küsnacht, Switzerland.

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