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Writing Seminar by Diane Smart

Thursday, February 25, 2021 - Thursday, July 01, 2021

07:30 AM - 06:15 PM

Public Hotel

Community Technology, Amesbury Avenue, Streatham, London, UK

Charles Dickens' beloved novella A Christmas Carol, has warmed hearts and cheered spirits since it first appeared in 1843, and it has never been out of print since that time. Book reviews of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol may begin by analyzing the author's life in order to shed light on some of the elements of the book. At the time the book appeared in Victorian-era England, a nostalgia for the old traditions of celebrating Christmas had developed and new traditions were being invented as well.  Because of this, as book reviews of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol will note, the book was well-received at the time and played a large part in solidifying new traditions and festivities into the culture.

Book reviews of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol may highlight the fact that the book appeared amidst the industrial revolution, but at a time before there were any child labor laws or much succor for the poor other than the debtor's prison or the poorhouse. As Dickens' own father spent time in a debtor's prison and he himself knew what it was like to work for a living as a child, he had great sympathy for the plight of the poor. Book reviews of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol may compare and contrast this work to other works of Dickens. David Copperfield book reviews may prove helpful in this effort. After looking back at the time the book was written, book reviews of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol should underline the great influence that the book continues to have today on Christmas traditions and the instillation of benevolent feelings among those who read the book or see a theatrical production of the work.

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