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Operation Retaliation

Battlecreek Paintball

4274 County Rd 220, Kingdom City, MO 65262, USA

This event has already passed by. Sorry.

Event Description

Operation Retaliation
A full on assault by FUA forces on a CTRG base. Only time will tell which faction will become victorious.

Op. Background:
After their defeat at Op. Flashpoint, CTRG forces pulled back to their bases around the country to regroup. As they recalculate their strategy, FUA decides to press their advantage.

From their victory at Flashpoint, FUA uncovered classified information regarding multiple CTRG fortifications around the country. One of these bases being near a creek that is appropriately named Battlecreek. In an effort to weaken CTRG control in the Mid-West, FUA HQ has determined that an all out assault on the CTRG Battlecreek base is the best course of action.

A small civilian town named Boster Castle resides near the Battlecreek base. The civilians in this town hold no affiliation with either FUA or CTRG, but in an effort to defend their homes, will side with the faction that has the best chance for victory.

This will not be easy for FUA forces, as the CTRG base is heavily dug in. The outcome of this battle will be a pivotal moment in the war that is dividing the nation.

Which side will you choose?



CTRG (Coalition Trained Regional Gorillas)
Green Team- M81 Woodland, Woodland, OD, Camian, Project Honor, MTP Tropic, Kryptek Mandrake, Marpat green.

F.U.A. (Federal United Army)
Tan Team- Multi-Cam, OCP, ACU, Khaki, A-tac, Marpat tan, 3 desert, ABU, Kryptek Nomad.

Don't have Camo? You're in Luck! C.O.F. (Civilian Operated Forces) will be used to balance out factions!
COF (Any civilian clothes, MTP Black, Kryptek Typhon, Wolf Gray, Etc.]

You MUST have top and bottom matching faction colors, gear does NOT have to match faction colors.


April 7th:
1600 ATM Registration and chrono open
1830 ATM Safety Briefing begins
1930 Mobilize to ATM starting FOBs
2000 Starex
2300 Endex
April 8th:
0700 sign in and chrono open.
0825 sign in and chrono close.
0830 safety and objective briefing
0900 mobilize to FOBs.
1000 startex.
1200 game continues (take lunch if you would like)
1700 Endex
1730 Raffle and final faction scores.
1900 Site closes
End of day.


Weapon Regulations
Assault Rifles:
-400FPS or lower
-can shoot SEMI AUTO ONLY

Support Weapon:
-450 FPS or lower
-can shoot Full auto
-30FT minimum engagement

Designated Marksman Rifle:
-410FPS < 450FPS
-can ONLY shoot semi auto, and only Mid-Caps
-50FT minimum engagement

Sniper Rifle:
-450FPS < 500FPS
-Bolt Action ONLY
-60FT minimum engagement

*****Assaults and support guns will chrono with .20 BBs. DMRs and Snipers will chrono with .32. BBs will be provided for the Chrono.

HPA Guns:
They are allowed. However, If you have an SLP regulator or an LP regulator,
MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A TOURNAMENT LOCK. You will not be allowed on the field without the tournament lock. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Gas Blow Back Guns:
GBB SMGs and Rifles with a barrel length 10inches and lower can shoot FULL AUTO!

High Caps are allowed, only support weapons may have box or drum mags. A max of 3 high-caps are allowed for riflemen, no limit on mid-caps. DMR can only use mid-caps. Support Gunners may have as many box mags as possible and can have team members carry extra ammo (putting a box mag on an assault rifle does not make it a SAW)

Reloading Mags:
You can only reload your mags with BBs at respawn points and at the FOB. NO RELOADING WHILE IN THE FIELD!

Any and all grenades will be allowed in play. Anyone within 15 feet of a grenade will be considered dead. If a grenade that lands further than 15ft. away but shoots BBS out that hit a target, that target will be considered dead.

Everyone must have a red dead rag with them during play.


Eye protection
-Full seal eye protection is required. No Mesh!
-Full face protection is required for those under 18. The lower half of the face may be protected by a wire mesh or a soft material. Under 15 must use a hard protection material.
-Note "Eye pro must be worn at all times while in the AO, NO MATTER WHAT! only time players may remove eye pro is when off the AO.


Medic Rule
-Only Designated medics may revive players.
-3ft + ace bandage required.
-Bandage must be WRAPPED not tied for a complete medic (blatantly unproper bandage ties will be marked against your team!).
-player can have a max of 2 bandages for a max of two medics.
-players have a 5min bleedout time before walking back to respawn.

There will be Pyrotechnics at this event! Please be prepared to hear loud explosions while engaging with hostiles!
It is very important that everyone listens to and follows the instructions of our pyrotechnicians and admins. We are excited to bring this aspect of immersion into this event!

POVs (player operated vehicles) will be allowed at this event!
We will have a POV cap of 4.
Currently we have one registered.
The terrain is mostly wooded with trails built for vehicles.
After filling out our vehicle application, it will be determined if your vehicle will be allowed in play.
You must provide proof of insurance and ownership the day of the event.
It will up to the COs to deploy the vehicles as they see fit.

Last and final rule. Have fun!
May your BBs fly straight!
Map of Event Location
April 7th, 2017  4:00 pmApril 8th, 2017  5:00 pm