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The Gathering — Honest Electronics

Tamassos Reservoir, Cyprus

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—The Gathering in Facts:
- 8&9 of July
- It will be located by the lake of Tamassos.
- There will be 35 acts from abroad and local.
- There will only be 200 pre-sale tickets available, none at the entrance. This is to avoid the gathering from becoming uncontrollably big, this idea ensures the quality of experience for a specific amount of people. 
- The price is 20 euros for both days. They will be sold online except a small amount to be sold in our pre-parties.
- There will be two stages; the Main Stage will be responsible for an endless dance experience while the Chill Stage will host elevating lives during the day and powerful ambient sets by the night. 
- The camping site has natural tree shade and soft ground that will be taken care of.
- There will be affordable healthy food as well as drinks.
- The gathering will be broadcasted through WeeDoIt live.
- The Main Stage pavilion will be designed by Era Savvides

Graham Dunning (U.K.)
AyGeeTee (U.K.)
Broshuda (DE)
Kinlaw (U.K)
Aristodemos (CY)
Jay Glass Dubs (GR)
Cusack (CY)
Blood Room (UK)
Bokeh Versions (UK)
Mohama Tajalof (CY)
ice_eyes (GR)
spvk (CY)
1127 (EG)
BillyD (CY)
Fungusroom (CY)
Argy k (CY)
oswaldo III (CY)
Fantis (CY)
J.Haze (CY)
Wonderwander (CY)
m.e.d.o (CY)
electroniki (CY)
Wanderwonder (CY)
Georges D'Andre (CY)

—The Gathering in Text:
Centred around its annual forage into nature; The Gathering, aims to link the Cypriot underground scene with an online neighbourhood of artists. These artists have been carefully selected and invited to participate together, fulfilling our curatorial fantasy. A collection of Cypriot artists have already started working for the project and an event acting as motivation for production is the reason we’re doing this. 

On the 8th & 9th of July by the Tamassos Reservoir, Kampia, Cyprus, two stages will host the performances allowing artists and participants to experience a mindfully selected range of electronic music; a wide range of thoughts, feelings, emotions, rhythms, textures and physical surroundings that the Gathering and the Cypriot landscape has to offer.

The record label was initiated in order to collect and organise local material and to create a platform for future collaborations and after the common experience of The Gathering.

—About Honest Electronics:
Honesty stands for compact, dynamic and useful actions to the dance scene of Cyprus. Priority to the underground, to the potential of experimentation, to high aesthetic dirt. An action to highlight the importance of local networking whilst simultaneously attempting to connect with an international network.

Honest Electronics, is a concept created by Nico Stephou and Aristos Ioannou. Adapting what they've already learnt in their yearly involvement in the local scene, they are collaborating to create a scenario of chained situations which will result in a two day gathering.

—Artists Information: 
Graham Dunning:
Graham Dunning is an artist, musician and tutor based in London, UK. He regularly records and performs with AAS, Colin Webster (saxophone), Sam Underwood (tuba), Embla Quickbeam, Stuart Chalmers (tapes), Andrew Leslie Hooker (no input mixer/loops), Ingrid Plum (voice) and Anthony Donovan's Murmurists ensemble. He has released on Entr'acte, Adaadat, Raw Tonk,Mottomotto, Linear Obsessional, Bum Tapes, Quagga Curious Sounds, CRAM, Holectics Research Recordings and his own label for handmade releases, Fractal Meat Cuts. Graham also hosts the show Fractal Meat on a Spongy Boneon London's NTS Radio.

AyGeeTee is Andrew G Thomson, based in London and the world wide web. He has released music on Amdiscs, Reckno, Sweat Lodge Guru, Permalnk and Speaker Footage, as well as work on various label compilations and many remixes and collaborations. He also self releases work through his Bandcamp site ( The Soundcloud site ( has links to much of his output.

Blood Room:
Beginnning life as a musique concrete and plunderphonics project, Blood Room currently stands for all kinds of illbience. With releases on Cloud Bank, Fort Evil Fruit, Hylé Tapes, Indole Records and Reject and Fade, Blood Room also forms one half of three collaborative projects: In collaboration with ovis aurum as IXTAB; with Mute-Tiny as Blood Mute, and withMicromelancolie as Dstrss.

Broshuda lives and works in Germany, where he traces lines between graphic design, illustration and audio production. In addition to releases for SEAGRAVE, he has released onVideogamemusic, WTFIS and Sonic Router, and collaboratively with Vuptes on Denmark's Phinery.
Contributing graphic work to a range of institutions and labels, he has also produced soundtrack work for film and theatre projects, whilst taking part in a number of exhibitions and installations internationally.

Artist and producer Hamish Trevis lives and works in Bristol, UK. With a background in curation, installation and sound art, he currently produces urban audio collages with what he describes as 'a nod to a more pastoral past'. A Recknoveteran, with releases on RAMP Recordings, Permalnk and a few self released bootlegs, Hamish recently teamed up with comrades to form the Ceramics label, which will feature upcoming releases from Joane Skyler, Mphahlele and Italian artist Presente.

Jay Glass Dubs:
Dimitris Papadatos (b. 1981, USA) is a composer, musician and sound artist based in Athens, Greece. In addition to Jay Glass Dubs, he currently produces ΚU and The Hydra projects. He has released on Phinery, Hylé Tapes, THRHNDRDSVNTNN,RLRL, Inner Ear and Nutty Wombat, with forthcoming projects for Bokeh Versions and Infinite Waves amongst others.

Ice_Eyes are Spiros A. and Anastasios T., both based in Athens, Greece. The duo produces electronic music, reflecting on modern aesthetics/tendencies, but without neglecting the old-days’ mood.
They released their debut full album ‘’Quartz’’ on Nutty Wombat in February 2015. Also, they have a digital EP on Sonic Playground. In addition to their forthcoming Seagrave material release, there is an EP scheduled for Numb Capsule.

Bokeh Edwards:
Bokeh Edwards stands for the man behind Bokeh Versions label. After a year on NTS radio under various guises, Bokeh Versions was launched to promote cosmic dub music and outernational sounds. 9 releases in 2016 promise to steer dub through Japanese experimental, Greek new wave, arabic field recordings and and other topographical oceans.

Hailing from Helsinki, SMOOD is a brainchild of Dj Aleksi & Shoulderpipe. Known from wide-spanning selections of mostly machine made music with a definitive boogie, this duo digs deep during their sets. SMOOD can be heard in the clubs or on Basso radio with their DJ-culture oriented biweekly SMOOD+1 show, as well as on Radar Radio where the duo hosts a monthly Nordic Imports show.

Aristodemos is the man behind countless under the radar gatherings, a vital organ in the local scene. He is a collector, an endless source of good vibes dance music and a creator, being founding member of Exotica Music Events, Essoterica and core member of Honest Electronics.

RAW SILVER is the main music alias of Nico Stephou. Active as a self-taught electronic music producer, DJ, and graphic designer in Amsterdam. With this alias he has accomplished releases on various compilations of labels like Low Income $quad, Memory No.36 Records, SEAGRAVE and he is preparing his album release on Speaker Footage in Denmark. Known for his action as Art Director for XORKO Collaborative Movement, in MJ MJ Records, Brotherhood Nicosia, and a variety of Record Labels and institutions. He is one of the two core member as well as the designer of Honest Electronics.

Mohama Tajalof:
Raised in the sun kissed island of Cyprus, Veronica is currently based in Amsterdam where she is digging holes and taking care of plants every day in he aquaponics work. She drawns lines from nature and art to be active as a DJ, she has executed warming ups at Klubd and various parties and festivals. Also active as creator as she is one of the founders of Brotherhood Nicosia. 

Never one to stay still or to rest on his laurels, Fantis continually challenges himself to get better in every way. His huge love for the music he plays means that he has a broad and diverse taste. His style as a DJ means that he can bring it all together or shift from one to another in seamless fashion. Whether it's blistering techno, swinging house, dreamy minimal or flashy disco it is all presented in a logical manner that works and takes the crowd on a journey of pleasure as well as of discovery. Whether one chooses to dance or to sit and listen, Fantis promises a night to remember

''Slave to the Rhythm, student of the Groove''. His sets are always an experiment that try to capture the energy of the moment and create veritable group fantasies. Expect a versatile, intergalactic house trip.

Weedo_it Team:
Weedo_It is a collective music platform/channel devoted to eclectic electronic sounds, presenting exclusive mixes as well as live broadcasts from creative artists and musicians.
The channel is based on the island of Cyprus and specializes in Techno, House, Minimal, Deep, Tech House, Ambient and Experimental music genres.
Since 2013 the platform is active and constantly reshaping and developing. Collaborating with artists from both the local scene and the rest of the world, Weedo_It offers expressive electronic dance music to its audience. The birth of this platform was a result of a cooperation between two upcoming talents of the electronic dance scene in Cyprus BillyD and ArgyK and aims to be a significant participant in Cypriot and foreign electronic music scene.

Pan is a multi-culture/platform artist. He works with visual and or acoustical elements to create distinct objects and texts that frequently cross the lines between parody / reality / auteurship / pop. For the gathering he will prepare an improvised live performance based on the surrounding natural elements. 

spvk used to make music on the piano. Now she makes music on the computer.
Map of Event Location
July 8th, 2016  3:00 pmJuly 10th, 2016  10:00 am