FOMS Concert | Love Child, album pre-launch

St. George's Anglican Church

Sunday January 20th 2019 7:30 pm –  8:30 pm

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Love Child, Album pre-launch

Aksuna, featuring Kaesis

This beautiful concert will feature a combination of Aksuna's own works and other selected piano works that have inspired and influenced her writing.


Born in Taiwan, Aksuna grew up in Japan and Sydney, both places where she began and learnt the piano, in which during her teenage years she competed and won various state and national competitions. She finally moved to Melbourne in her early adult years - formally to be trained as a dentist. Needless to say, this did not appeal to her, and after working as a DJ for a few months, she returned to continue her training as a concert pianist. Fast-forward a few years; now as a graduate of two Masters degrees - one in performance and another in music therapy - Aksuna is now exploring the trajectory of wellbeing and creativity through performing her highly technical, imaginative piano works. These works are distillations of years of interesting experiences, travels, dreams, people, stories...Working with the limitation and strengths of the instrument and the human body, Aksuna aims to present all of these voices and images as vignettes of the human spirit.

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Kaesis (Paul Banks) is new to the poetry scene but ever so old to the practice of words spilling, words dancing and skidding across pages. Speaking from the heart, raw and without pretension, Kaesis explores big questions, subtlety and nuance, endlessly fascinated with the mystery of the human condition and all that exists beyond what we can see and touch. Reimagining a society where justice is more that just a word, he explores themes of harmony, chaos and the search for meaning in a fractured world. Wild dreamer, truth seeker, skeptical- believer. Kaesis is in love with the hope and darkness in a story that's ever unfolding


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St. George's Anglican Church

55 Lucknow St, Travancore VIC 3032, Australia

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