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Thinking? Conference 2017

Light Presbyterian Church/New Hope Fellowship

6965 Professional Ct, Mississauga, ON L4V 1Y3, Canada

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Event Description

How do you see the world? What shapes your basic ideas of right and wrong, your priorities, your ambitions, your hopes, your expectations? How do you think about yourself and your identity? How do we decide what is true and what is false? Do our lives matter, and if so, why? What is the future for humanity? What are the essential challenges of the human condition, and how do you think we should respond to those challenges?

The basic set of answers you give to these questions reflects your fundamental way of looking at the world—your worldview. Your worldview provides the foundation for your values, your identity, your sense of meaning, significance and purpose. Understanding your own worldview and the worldviews of those around you is essential to having meaningful and effective conversations about the issues that matter: life and death, meaning and value, suffering and salvation. Yet even in a diverse and pluralistic society like ours, there are only a few basic worldview categories. Consequently, meaningful and effective conversation with friends, family and co-workers about the questions that matter is definitely within our reach.

Attend Thinking? 2017 to be equipped to communicate the Christian worldview and interact with other worldviews with confidence and clarity.  
Map of Event Location
Saturday, May 6th, 2017 9:45 am –  4:30 pm